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Sun Effect in photoshop

Radiant Transformation: Harness The Sun Effect In Photoshop For Stunning Visuals

A powerful feature in Photoshop called the Adobe Sun effect in photoshop enables users to give their photos a dynamic and realistic sunburst or lens flare appearance. A dramatic and fascinating mood is produced by this effect, which imitates the look of sunlight streaming into the image. The Adobe Sun Effect in Photoshop offers a variety of adjustable settings to help you accomplish your goals, whether they involve enhancing the innate beauty of a landscape, producing an uncanny atmosphere, or adding a touch of warmth and vitality to your compositions. Users may quickly and easily add the sun effect to their photos, modifying their position, intensity, colour, and other aspects to achieve the desired style and feel.

How to Add Sun Effect in Photoshop?

Add Sun Effect in Photoshop
Add Sun Effect in Photoshop

In our photograph, adding a sun effect in Photoshop is extremely simple. Just a few easy steps must be taken. These are steps mentioned below on how to make the sun effect in Photoshop.

  1. The image you wish to add the sun effect on should be opened in Photoshop.
  2. You can add a new layer by selecting Layer > New > Layer or by tapping on the “New Layer” button at the bottom side of the Layers panel.
  3. In the Layers panel, choose the new layer.
  4. Select “Brush Tool” from the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Ensure that white is selected as the foreground colour.
  5. Click once on the picture where you want the centre of the sun effect to be while the new layer is selected and the Brush Tool is active.
  6. Go to Lens Flare under Filter > Render. The Lens Flare dialogue box will then appear.
  7. You can select from various preset lens flare settings or change the flare’s brightness and location in the Lens Flare dialogue box. Explore the settings to get the ideal result. To make the modifications, click “OK”.
  8. To fine-tune the intensity and blend with the original image, change the opacity and blending technique for the sun effect layer in the Layers panel.
  9. By adding layers of adjustment or adding more filters to the sun effect layer, you can optionally improve the effect even more.
  10. Save the photo once you are comfortable with the sun effect.

Benefits of Sun Effect In Photoshop


You may produce accurate sunbursts and lens flares with the Adobe Sun Effect in Photoshop, simulating the effect of direct sunlight entering your photographs. This gives your compositions more authenticity and improves their overall realism.

Depth and dimension

Your photographs can get depth and dimension from the sun effect, drawing the viewer’s eye and giving them a sense of depth. It can draw attention to your subjects and give visual interest to a flat composition.

Creative control

You can carefully alter the position, intensity, colour, and other sunburst or lens flare aspects using Adobe Sun Effect’s customisation settings. Thanks to this degree of control, you may customise the effect to fit your vision and aesthetic sensibility.

Visual impact 

The sun effect can draw interest immediately and enhance your pictures’ aesthetic appeal. This will help in attracting attention to the viewers with the effective focal point and the quality of the image that is being generated.


You can alter multiple pictures with the help of this sun effect. This helps in exploring various options with your creativity. This tool can be used in different genres of photographs and designs.

Ambience and mood

With the help of the sun effect, one can change the overall ambience and the tone of the photograph. This facilitates getting the required emotional presence in the given picture. It helps portray the feeling that you want to provide with the help of the image.

What are the Creative Uses for the Adobe Sun Effect

  1. Enhancing the landscape- Landscape photographs can be given a compelling glow by the Adobe Sun Effect, highlighting the beauty of the surrounding environment and adding a feeling of depth and atmosphere.
  2. Creating surreal art- The Adobe Sun Effect can be utilised to create ethereal and otherworldly sceneries for fantasy or surrealistic artwork. You can take viewers to fantastical worlds by adjusting the effect’s position, colour, and intensity.
  3. Vintage and retro effect- The Adobe Sun Effect can achieve a retro or nostalgic effect reminiscent of old pictures or film aesthetics when used in conjunction with other vintage-inspired editing techniques.
  4. Architectural photography- Architectural photographs can be improved by using the Adobe Sun Effect to highlight intriguing details, improve the building’s design, and create a welcoming ambience.


Adobe Sun Effect in Photoshop is a potent and adaptable tool that offers many artistic possibilities. This effect enables photographers, digital artists, and graphic designers to improve their photos, arouse feelings, and produce eye-catching visual compositions. For more information, you can also visit Trendingcult


How do you add a sun effect in Photoshop?
Open the appropriate image in Photoshop, create a new layer, choose the area where the sun should appear using the Elliptical Marquee Tool, apply a radial gradation from a bright colour to translucent, and then tweak the opacity and blending mode to get the desired result.
How do you make it look sunny in Photoshop?
Open the picture in Photoshop first, then proceed. Then, to make two duplicate layers of your Background layer, press Ctrl + J twice. Let’s give the intermediate layer the name “Lighten” and the top layer the name “Vibrance”. The Lighten layer must be chosen, and the way it blends it must be set to Screen.
How do you make a fake sun in Photoshop?
For a realistic finish, use filters like Gaussian Blur or Motion Blur, modify opacity and blending mode, open the picture in Photoshop, and establish a new layer. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw a circular selection.

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