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Vanishing Point

How to Use Vanishing Point In Photoshop?

Photoshop is a widely used software to edit and transform pictures into something more creative. It is filled with different amazing features, some of which might surprise you, especially when you are a novice in Photoshop. The vanishing point tool is one of the features for editing flawlessly considering 3D perspectives. For instance, an image of a building can be edited to impart new colour and texture. With the vanishing tool, you can make the image closer to reality – one that reflects the perspective of the scene. The tool makes advanced edits easier. You can look for the point in the “Filter” menu.

How to work with the Vanishing Point Tool?

Overview of Vanishing Point Dialog Box

The vanishing dialogue box (that will open as Filter > vanishing point) has tools for editing the image, defining the perspective planes image preview and measuring tools. Stamp brush marquee and others are some of the vanishing tools that behave a lot like the tools in the main toolbox of Photoshop. Upon opening the vanishing menu, a new set of tool commands and settings displays on the screen.

Tools in Vanishing Point

The tools in vanishing point have the different available options that are down below:

  • Edit Plane Tool – Selects, Moves, Resizes, and Edits Planes.
  • Create Plane Tool – Define the corner notes of a plane, adjust its shape and size, and also work to tear off a new plane.
  • Marquee Tool – It helps in making square or rectangular selections.
  • Stamp Tool – It paints an image sample.
  • Brush Tool – It paints only a selected colour in the plane.
  • Transform Tool – Rotates, scales, and moves a floating selection.
  • Eyedropper Tool – It aids in selecting a colour for painting.
  • Measure Tool – As the name suggests, it helps measure the angles and distances of an object or item in the plane.

Steps to use the Vanishing Point Tool

When you see the Filter menu, you may wonder what to do and how to use the tool. It is only natural. Let us have a look at the series of steps that will make it easier for you to understand how the pilot vanishing point tool work:

1. Open Image

Now that you are ready to put the image and perspective in Photoshop start by opening the picture you wish to edit. You have to click on the file tab and choose open.

2. Go to the filter

The second step is selecting the filter menu after clicking on the filter tab.

3. Highlight an area

If you wish to put a picture on the wall, the first thing to do is highlight the wall using the Create Plane tool. It is an easier and more customer-friendly method.

4. Select the plane correctly

You must ensure selecting the plane accurately. Everything is alright when all the lines enclosing the plane are in blue. If the lines are red or yellow, photoshop will not accept the outlined plane.

5. Move the corner dots

Once you have created the plane, try moving the corner dots until you have the desired outcome. To be more precise, you can also increase the scale.

6.  Save changes

Once you have finished working on the vanishing, you can press OK to accept the changes. It adds a perspective plane.

7. Open another image

After saving the changes in the outline plane, you need to open another image you want to paste on the selected play. To do this, click the copy option in the edit menu.

8. Create a new layer

Add an empty new layer in your working document by pressing the ‘+’ icon in the bottom right corner of the Layers board.  You can also choose Photoshop keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N.

9. Insert the Image

Once again, you must choose the vanishing option in the filter menu and paste the second image using Ctrl + V.

10. Use the Transform Tool

Choose the transform instrument from the tools board. It enables you to make changes in the scale of the image and helps you see forced perspective ideas.

11. Replacing the Image to the Perspective area

Drag the picture to the perspective area in this step. In short, putting the image in the outline area in a way that the outline area contains the complete image. It is effective even when the highest precision is required.

12. Estimate the result

The image has now appeared in the new layer, and you can see the outcome. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can carry out all the steps again.


Vanishing Point in Photoshop is a powerful tool for manipulating the perspective in images. It allows us to reshape, clone, and place elements within a perspective grid. Practice and experimentation are key to unlocking their full potential, and by immersing ourselves in the process and refining our skills, we will gradually develop a strong command of Vanishing Point and achieve remarkable results. So, embrace the power of Vanishing and explore its capabilities by visiting the official website Trendingcult for more information.


What is a vanishing point?
The vanishing point is a concept that applies in photography and art. Vanishing Point art is defined as a point on the horizon where parallel lines seem to meet, giving an illusion of depth.
Why is it called the vanishing point?
The term “vanishing point” in perspective drawing and editing refers to a point in an image or scene where parallel lines appear to converge and disappear from view. This is achieved by using the Vanishing Point tool in Photoshop to create realistic perspective transformations. Understanding and utilizing the vanishing point concept is essential for achieving accurate and convincing perspective effects.
Is vanishing point Based on a true story?
The concept of vanishing point is obviously based on a true story, i.e., taken from real-life examples. The sides of a road and railway tracks are some examples.
What happens at the end of the vanishing point?
At the end of the vanishing point, two parallel lines are not seen separately. Instead, they seem to merge into a single point.

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