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Holidays To Havana: Ultimate Holiday Experience To The Land Of Paradise

If there is one place that will take your breath away, it is Havana! Yes, Holidays to Havana is one of the lifetime experiences that travellers and any individual should experience. It’s one of the most experienced itineraries that people around the world love to consider. Holidays to Havana always end up with an unforgettable fusion of dazzling beaches, culinary adventure, mesmerising places, and soothing weather. Havana also offers a rich cultural history and the city is packed with stunning architecture simply effortless to immerse into the nature of timeless inspiration Dive into the rhythm of Cuban life and embark on a journey filled with exploration, relaxation, and endless adventure.

4 Reasons why holidays to Havana is a lifetime experience      

  • Unique Cultural Heritage: Havana is known for having a rich and unique cultural history. So, if you are stepping into the world of Havana there is a rich cultural heritage to explore and something that individuals would love to explore. There is well-preserved colonial architecture, beautiful city streets and most importantly a blend of Spanish, African, and Caribbean effects, Havana gives a charming glimpse into Cuba’s history. 
  • Lively Music and Dance Scene: Havana is known for its vibrant traditional musical symphony and cultural dances. From traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms to salsa and jazz, you could immerse yourself in the infectious beats of Cuban traditional songs. Your holidays to Havana will leave you with a new appreciation for cultural music. These vibrancy cultural beats and dancing can be explored at the many clubs and gatherings. 
  • Beautiful Beaches: While Havana is not strange to dazzling beaches. It has endless options of different beaches with unique natural landscapes and sprawling ocean water. Your holidays to Havana is not completed if you are not exploring the stunning beaches. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or you are taking a stroll, Havana beaches are inspiring. 
  • Culinary Delights: WHo is not a foodie person? We all are and Cuban cuisine is one of the most delightful cuisines to try. Full of a flavorful fusion of Spanish, African, and Caribbean delight. Havana offers plenty of dining options with amazing cuisines. Your holidays to Havana is surely going to be memorable after trying out the seamless delight of Cuban cuisine. 

Top 5 hotels that will expedite your holiday experience 

Having a better place to spend your night can be pretty amazing after travelling around the city. No doubt that where you spend your nights is a crucial part of the Holidays to Havana experience. That is why On the Beach has some of the most stayed hotels in the city. These hotels are also the best hotels and most preferred by travellers of all types. 

1. Iberostar Grand Packard 

Iberostar Grand Packard 
Iberostar Grand Packard | Trendingcult

The Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel in Havana stands as a luxurious oasis inside the heart of the Cuban capital. This five-star standard gem combines traditional elegance with all the modern amenities you need, supplying guests with a lavish experience by way of the ocean. Boasting lovely perspectives of the Malecón and an impeccable attention to detail, the hotel offers a comfortable and luxurious retreat. All the rooms are fully furnished and highly clean and the hotel has amazing hospitality. 

With its subtle environment and gourmet dining options the Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel guarantees an unforgettable life in Havana.

2. Iberostar Parque Central 

If you are considering an affordable hotel with a luxury stay the Iberostar Parque Central Hotel in Havana is just what you are looking for.  The hotel has amazing indoor facilities. Comfortable rooms and smooth hotel services with 24/7 front desk support. The hotel is located near the tourist areas where visitors can explore many other things along with the beach experience which is only 1km away from the property. 

Located inside the coronary heart of the city, this upscale hotel offers stunning views of historic landmarks and an imperative courtyard with a clean pool. Guests are treated to spacious rooms, outstanding dining options, and a memorable stay that captures the essence of Havana’s tradition and history.

3. Chateau Miramar

Chateau Miramar
Chateau Miramar | Trendingcult

The best thing about Chateau Miramar Hotel is that it’s located on the Sean Seafront Hotel in Havana and captivates guests with its undying elegance and lovely coastal residence. Overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean, this mesmerising hotel seamlessly blends natural appeal with luxurious comforts. Nestled in the picturesque Miramar district, it offers breathtaking perspectives, exciting dining options, and an impeccable view of the beach landscape. The mixture of its historical allure and top seafront setting makes Chateau Miramar a paradise for tourists seeking a cultured and noteworthy Cuban experience.

4. Nh Capri Hotel 

Nh Capri Hotel 
Nh Capri Hotel | Trendingcult

For those who are looking for a comfortable hotel near the city centre, the NH Capri Hotel in Havana is an affordable hotel to check out. Near the area, there are many places to explore for visitors blending optimal comfort with traditional Cuban attractions. Located within the coronary heart of Vedado, it gives beautiful views of the city and a breathtaking experience. 

The inn boasts spacious rooms, a rooftop pool, and an array of dining alternatives, such as the renowned La Florentina eating place. With its defining area, elegant lodges, and pinnacle-notch amenities, NH Capri Hotel gives a super base for exploring the colourful lifestyle and history of Havana.


If you are still wondering whether you should spend your holidays in Havana the answer is yes. With endless options for culinary adventure and lovely and rich cultural heritage, holidays to Havana is something that travellers and visitors should look forward to. On the Beach guides you to all inclusive holidays to Havana.  

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What is the most famous landmark in Havana?
Catedral de San Cristobal which is considered one of the oldest cathedrals is a must-visit and also a popular landmark in Havana. The place was also considered once home to the remains of Christopher Columbus.
How is the nightlife in Havana?
The nightlife in Hanvan is fully vibrant.  In many clubs and gatherings, the hospitality is warm and traditional music is fun and purely lively.
What are good hotels in Havana for couples?
Nh Capri Hotel
Chateau Miramar
Iberostar Parque Central
Iberostar Grand Packard 

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