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Slay This Winter With The Perfect Blend Of Fashion And Functionality With These Aviator Jacket Womens

Aviator jackets are a trend that has always been there every winter, every fashion season and it never seems to be swelling down. And why should they? Not only are they highly practical and give you ample warmth in the coldest of seasons but they are also very stylish and can be used to layer a lot of your clothes rather ‘chic-ly’. In this blog, Trendingcult will help you unlock some great aviator jackets outfit ideas and shop for the best high quality aviator jacket womens in the market. 

What are Aviator Jackets? 

Today, aviator jacket is a general term describing a range of clothing features but they were originally made from the military jackets issued to personnel in the first half of the 20th century. You could probably think of them as a more winter appropriate take on the biker; the aviator is a leather-look jacket equipped with a faux fur lining for added warmth, and multi pockets and zips, for added functionality. The waist length of the jacket is adjusted to keep the wearer warm in colder temperatures. It closes with buttons and has elastic cuffs and hem. The collar slides up and secures around the neck to provide additional protection from the elements.

Aviator Jacket Womens and Their Functionality 

1. Incredible Heat in Chilly Weathers

These aviator jacket womens have become increasingly popular since their first boost of popularity in the Second World War when they were used to provide extra warmth to crew members who would sometimes fly at altitudes above 30,000 feet. The lambskin loop creates an insulated airspace that keeps you warm even in the worst of winters. Additionally, they are very breathable, and keep your body cool even on a long day.

2. Waterproof 

In general, lambskin is naturally waterproof. The jacket’s fibers contain a strong waterproof layer that prevents water from penetrating the core. These cores can absorb wet steam without loss. Lambskin has moisture-wicking and hydrophobic functions and is similar in function to thermoregulating materials.

3. Moisture-Wicking Properties

Provides excellent warmth and dryness in various climates. Thanks to the breathable function, you can wear it anywhere without worrying about the weather. It can also wick moisture away from the user’s skin.

4. Longer Life with Increased Durability

Lambskin is soft and durable. If you take good care of your aviator jackets, they can last for decades.

How to Style Aviator Jacket Womens

1. Casual Look 

Pair your aviator jacket womens with high-waisted skinny jeans with an oversized aviator jacket. The oversized thing is a must! The entire idea of aviator jackets is to give you a bulky look with hoodies and sweatshirts that can be added as layers for a casual winter look. You can also add a knitted beanie hat for added warmth. 

2. Chic Look 

Layer your midi dress with an aviator jacket and accessorize with a pair of warm fleece black tights. Add a pair of western ankle boots and you are good for a chic winter look! 

3. Mini Skirt Look 

You can add an aviator jacket to a cute checkered mini skirt and a decent biker boy hat for a perfect chic and casual look. You can add tights and boots to complete your look. 

What Color should I go for in Aviator Jacket Womens?

Aviator jacket womens are available in a wide variety of attractive colors that make choosing the right colors even more difficult. The best choice, though, while choosing the right color is always sticking to the classics- the blacks and the browns. They never fail to catch the eye and go well with almost all colors and prints. What’s better is they go well with all skin tones- warm or cool to create a fit that works well with each of them. 

Top Picks for Aviator Jacket Womens

1. Classic Bonded Aviator Jacket

Classic Bonded Aviator Jacket
Classic Bonded Aviator Jacket

This aviator jacket is made of 100% polyester and has a classic oversized fit. The super soft faux fur lining is a conscious choice and gives you warmth and a snug feeling. The lapel neckline gives you a great fit and the self tie belt at the neck and the waist ensures that you get a perfect fit and are protected from cold at all times. 

2. Bonded Aviator Jacket

Bonded Aviator Jacket
Bonded Aviator Jacket

The outer shell of the jacket is made of 100% polyurethane while the inner shell is a 100% polyester. This aviator jacket womens also features a decent faux fur lining which provides you comfort and warmth. The belt detail and the front closure protect you from the chilly winter breeze while the front pockets are big and provide you with ample storage.

3. Aviator PU Jacket with Faux Fur

Aviator PU Jacket with Faux Fur
Aviator PU Jacket with Faux Fur

This aviator jacket too is made of 100% polyurethane with a lining of 100% polyester. The jacket has a gorgeous asymmetrical design with a beautiful lapel detail and a zipper closure. You also get pockets that you can stuff your hands in to protect yourself from the cold. 


There’s no denying that aviator jackets are probably one of the vintage clothing that still works as a contemporary fashion choice and has such an immense fan following that other jackets simply can’t compete with. It is excellent winter wear for men as well as women, as it offers many benefits including durability and style.

If you are looking for high-quality premium aviator jacket womens, NA-KD would be the best place for you. The collection is superlative and you can get quality options for your wardrobe. Check out these recommendations by Trendingcult and let your chic style out! 


Why do aviators wear jackets?
Aviators wear jackets to protect themselves from the freezing cold at higher altitudes.
What do you wear under an aviator jacket?
You can wear a solid t-shirt or a midi dress with your aviator jacket.
What is an aviator jacket called?
Aviator jackets are also popularly called flight jackets.

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