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The Skinny on Eye Creams with SPF: The Best Brands to Trust

Eye Creams with SPF

Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause serious long-term effects on the skin. But not everyone understands how important it is to use sunscreen daily and reapply as needed. In an interview with Allure, Dr. Alexa Zaiger of Zaiger Cosmetic Solutions in Palo Alto, California, explained that most people don’t realize that exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can accelerate the aging of the skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. Then again, most people also don’t know how beneficial eye cream with SPF can be in preventing such risks and protecting our delicate under-eye area. With this article, you will learn all you need to know about SPF eye creams and what makes them so special for your sensitive eye area.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for “sun protection factor,” and it is a measure of how well a sunscreen can prevent the skin from being damaged by UV rays. The scale for SPF measurements starts at 15 for low protection and goes all the way up to 50 for very high protection. Sunscreen with SPF 15 will let 95% of the sun’s rays pass through the skin while blocking 5% of the rays. This means that you’re receiving significantly less damage to the skin. With SPF 30, you’ll get 97% protection, and with SPF 50, you’ll get 98% protection. The higher the SPF number, the more protection you will get against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. As a general rule, an SPF rating of 15 or above is recommended for daily use because anything below this amount may not be enough to protect your skin from the sun.

How Does UV Exposure Cause Harm?

When skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, it reacts by producing more melanin in order to protect itself from UV damage. After a few days, the excess melanin breaks down and is released from the body in the form of brown pigment. This pigment is what causes the skin to become tan. If ultraviolet rays are not blocked by sunscreen, the body continues to produce excess melanin, which is often seen in older people as darker spots and freckles. If the sun is allowed to keep damaging the skin, it can cause deeper problems, such as wrinkles, rough texture, and dry skin. Because the face and neck are the most exposed areas of the skin, they are the areas most susceptible to wrinkles, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation. UV exposure can also cause eye damage, including inflammation, eye infections, eye twitching, and even blindness.

Why is Eye Cream with SPF so Important?

Although the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, it is often neglected when it comes to skincare. You’re probably aware that you need to use SPF on your face when you’re outside, but did you know that you also need to apply it around your eyes to protect them from the sun’s UV rays? The skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, so it is more vulnerable to UV damage. The skin in this area also has a slower rate of cell turnover and is less able to repair itself. To make matters worse, the skin around your eyes is also much drier than the rest of your face, which means that it’s less able to retain moisture. This often results in darker circles under the eyes, which are commonly referred to as “bags”.

The 3 best brands: Murad, Neutrogena, and CeraVe

Murad In-Charge of Eyes XP Eye Cream with SPF: This eye cream contains a blend of antioxidants that help to reduce dark circles, inflammation, and puffiness around the eyes. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin, so it’s gentle and non-irritating.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream with SPF 18: This eye gel cream is specially formulated for dry skin, so it hydrates and protects the delicate under-eye area without feeling sticky or oily. This eye cream also has vitamins C and E to protect the skin from sun damage and guard against the signs of aging.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream with SPF 15: This eye cream is specially formulated for anyone with dry skin, including those with sensitive skin. It contains ingredients that relieve itching, redness, and irritation around the eyes. It also has SPF 15 to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The Bottom Line

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and prone to sun damage, so it’s important to apply SPF daily to protect your eyes. Eye creams with SPF are specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive eye areas and are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, eye creams with SPF can be used as a part of your daily skincare routine to combat aging, dark circles, and dryness around the eyes. They are easy to apply and are easily incorporated into your skincare routine, so there’s no reason not to use them.

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