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best restaurants in lanzarote

Delicious Meals At The Best Restaurants In Lanzarote


The Spanish Island of Lanzarote, situated in the Canary Islands of the Atlantic Ocean, is an ideal mix of art and nature. The stunning volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife make this place a haven for tourists. Tourists around the world visit this place to indulge themselves in the unique blend of culture, history and natural beauty. To enjoy nature’s beauty, you need proper accommodation. Lanzarote offers an extensive list of hotels and resorts for your stay. You can book some of the best restaurants in Lanzarote using TUI’s online platform. Besides you can also plan your whole trip to Lanzarote with the help of TUI’s website. In this article, we will discuss the place where you can accommodate along with the best restaurants in Matagorda Lanzarote and the best restaurants in Playa Blanca Lanzarote.

Top among the best restaurants in Lanzarote: Dreams Lanzarote Playa Dorada Resort and Spa:

Dreams Lanzarote Playa Dorada Resort and Spa is a luxurious 5-star hotel which is recently upgraded in 2020 with modern features to make the stay of its guests enjoyable and memorable. The availability of extraordinary facilities makes this hotel a perfect destination for families, couples and solo travellers. Some points are mentioned below to best describe this hotel:


This grand hotel comprises capacious, well-equipped and beautifully decorated 466 rooms to offer the guests a smooth and relaxing stay. The hotel also provides necessary amenities like flat-screen TVs, air-conditioning, free WI-Fi etc. The private balconies attached to the rooms let you have an awesome time with stunning views.


Dining  | trendingcult

Dreams Lanzarote Playa Dorada Resort and Spa has one of the best restaurants in Lanzarote. The hotel has five restaurants, each delivering different delicacies to the customers. The chefs prepare delicious foods with fresh ingredients. The restaurants offer all kinds of international and local cuisines. If you want to taste Asian and Spanish dishes, then there are separate restaurants available. There are eight bars available which cater for a wide range of wines and drinks. 

Spa and Fitness Centre

Spa and Fitness Centre
Spa and Fitness Centre | trendingcult

At this one of the best restaurants in Lanzarote, Guests can avail themselves of the well-equipped fitness centre to maintain their physique during a trip. You can access the great spa facility available, which lets your body relax after a heavy workout session. 


This one of the best restaurants in Lanzarote has well-trained professionals who will strive hard to make your stay comfortable. They provide you with basic 24/7 assistance. You can convey any kind of problem you face to them, and they will sort it out in no time.

Pools and Activities

Pools and Activities
Pools and Activities | trendingcult

This one of the best restaurants in Lanzarote provides its guests with seven pools in total to choose from. There is also an Olympic-sized indoor pool available. Besides, a kids’ pool is also available for the kids to have fun. You can enjoy the waterslides with your family and friends. Customers can indulge themselves in different activities like water sports, aqua aerobics, video games etc., to have an awesome time during their stay. 


This hotel organises many programmes for their customers like live music performances, tribute acts, dance shows etc. Teens and kids can enjoy themselves in their respective clubs available in the hotel

This hotel provides easy access to the nearby popular attractions of Lanzarote for its customers. Playa Dorada Beach and the charming town of Playa Blanca are within walking distance of this hotel. The Timanfaya National Park and the famous Papagayo Beach are situated within a short-driving distance of this hotel.

Overall, Dreams Lanzarote Playa Dorada Resort and Spa is an ideal choice for travellers who seek a luxurious and relaxing vacation in Lanzarote.

Few tips to remember during a trip to Lanzarote:

While planning a trip to Lanzarote, you should remember a few things to make your stay more happening and enjoyable. Some of them are given below.

  1. The great gastronomic culture of Lanzarote attracts many tourists all through the year. You should try delicious dishes from the best restaurants in Lanzarote
  2. Lanzarote is famous for its exceptional scenic views. Always try to respect the environment without littering or damaging the natural habitats. 
  3. The sunny and hot weather of Lanzarote can cause sunburn. So, to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, apply sunscreen on your skin before going out. 
  4. Most people in Lanzarote speak English, it is always helpful to learn some basic Spanish to easily communicate with the locals and immerse yourself in the culture.
  5. It is very important to stay hydrated in dry and hot areas. 
  6. There are lots of things to see and do in Lanzarote. So, detailed research and planning are required to have a lovely vacation. 
  7. You should always abide by the rules and regulations of Lanzarote. It is necessary to respect local customs and culture.


Lanzarote is a vibrant island which offers many things to do and see to its visitors. The luxurious hotels and resorts provide you with awesome accommodations. The best restaurants in Lanzarote efficiently cater to the different tastes of the visitors. Enjoying a proper holiday requires proper rest and a full stomach. So, plan your trip to Lanzarote using TUI’s online platform and get everything you want to make your journey special. For more details, go to TrendingCult.


What food is Lanzarote famous for?
Lanzarote is famous for many food items. Some of them are traditional ‘fish stews’, ‘papas arrugades’, ‘grilled meats’, ‘mojo sauce’ etc.
Is Lanzarote cheap to eat out?
Yes, restaurants in Lanzarote are cheaper than most of the northern cities in Europe. You can dine in from the several cheap restaurants available in Lanzarote.
Does Lanzarote have good food?
Absolutely! Lanzarote has the best restaurants which provide delicious and awesome dishes to their customers. You can try different international and local cuisines in Lanzarote.


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