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Riding in Style: The Best Skateboard Brands of the Year

Skateboarding is a popular and exciting sport that requires skill, practice, and the right equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment in skateboarding is the skateboard itself. With so many different brands and types of skateboards on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the,

Top 5 Best Skateboard Brands by Farfetch 

1. Rassvet

Rassvet | Trendingcult

Rassvet is one of the best skateboard brands that is known for its high-quality decks and attention to detail. The brand was founded by professional skateboarder Pontus Alv and is based in Malmö, Sweden. The decks produced by Rassvet are made from 7-ply Canadian maple wood, which is known for its durability and strength. The brand is also known for its unique graphics and designs, created by a team of artists.

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2. Supreme

Supreme | Trendingcult

From the Lower East Side to Tokyo, London, and Paris, Supreme has transported the gritty road style of New York skateboarding into every corner of the Earth. Try going a day in any of the world’s smartest metropolises without seeing the brand’s now- iconic box totem, and you’ll understand just how far this little grind shop has come. The inarguable king of skateboard brands, the James Jebbia possessed outfit has lately moved down from well-constructed workwear and service-inspired outlines in favour of artwork and graphic-heavy sportswear pieces that have made it a hit with the youths of the moment.

As big suckers of referential pieces and spin-offs, these skater pants from Supreme features imagery taken from the Vietnam War that was also used on The Smiths ‘ Meat Is Murder ’ reader artwork for a double cure of artistic education. Supreme is also considered as one of the best skateboard brands.

3. Palace

Palace | Trendingcult

Fusing 90s grind style with London folklore, Palace is responsible for pelting the UK grind scene to global dominance. innovated by OG British grind shop Slam City Skates proprietor Gareth Skewis, and South Bank legend Lev Tanju, Palace has erected a name for itself with its lo- fi grind videos, classically British lingo-in-impertinence taglines, its partiality for sportswear, and for having the gulliest grind platoon in the world( we ’re looking at you Shawn Powers and Jamal Smith).

From StoneIsland-esque techwear, to joggers designed just for bunning in, Palace is one of the many brands that can ever work with 90’s garage favourite Jean Castelbajac and Salomon in one season without it looking weird. This track top is equal corridor Sopranos and deluxe sportswear, which says everything about Palace.

4. Aries

Aries | Trendingcult

In 2012, well before it was a thing, Aries was formerly fusing the high-quality fabrics and consummately cut outlines of high fashion with the punky trashy aesthetic of streetwear. The concoction of Fergus Purcell – the graphic developer behind Palace’s iconic Penrose triangle totem, the ‘tri-ferg ’ – and Sofia Prantera – the women at the helm of Silas, the fabulous nineties grind- combined graphic tee brand – Aries creates gender-neutral apparel that blends Purcell’s trashy aesthetic with Pantera’s sophisticated sensibility.

The performing collection of easy-wearing and royal garments see pictorial colours and loud prints incorporated on soft shirting and acclimatising fabrics and streetwear masses like this tie-dyed t-shirt.

5. Vans

Vans | Trendingcult

‘Off The Wall ’ since 66, Van’s skateboard shoes were snappily espoused by sidewalk browsers thanks to their rugged construction and super sticky blind soles. Decades after the Van Doren Rubber Company was originally innovated, Vans have sluggishly become the shoe of choice for every countercultural movement, whether that’s in music, art or extreme sports.

What’s most amazing is that their vulcanised soles which were formerly favoured by 70s skater style god’s Z- boys of Dogtown are still considered some of the stylish grind shoes around the moment. While classics like Old Skools, Slip- ons and Sk8- are rudiments in skater style, it’s their antique remakes like the time with its fat sole that make Vans one of the stylish skateboard fashion brands.Whenever it comes to best skateboard brands a lot of skateboarders considers Vans.

Things to consider while choosing best skateboard brands

When it comes to choosing the best skateboard brands, there are many factors to consider. The brand, the deck materials, the graphics and designs, the trucks, and the wheels all play a role in determining the overall quality of a Skateboard. The above-mentioned brands are some of the best in the industry and are known for producing high-quality Skateboards that are suitable for both beginner and professional Skateboarders.

It’s important to consider your individual needs and preferences, as well as the quality and durability of the products offered by each brand. It’s also worth noting that many pro skaters have their own preferences and may ride different brands depending on their needs. 

When looking for a new skateboard, it’s important to consider the brand, as well as the deck and trucks. The best Skateboard brands offer a variety of options for skaters of all skill levels, from beginner to pro. It is also important to consider the quality of the components and the overall durability of the board.

If you’re new to skateboarding, it’s a good idea to start with a beginner-friendly brand like Enjoi or Alien Workshop. If you’re an experienced skater looking for a more high-performance board, Plan B or Anti Hero might be a better fit.

When it comes to the question of which is the best skateboard brand for skateboarding, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, the brands mentioned above have consistently proved to be the best in the market.

Pro skaters often ride boards from a variety of brands, but many prefer boards from Almost, Plan B and Antihero. Tony Hawk, for example, rides a board from Birdhouse.


Skateboarding is a popular sport and hobby that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. There are many skateboard brands out there, but the top 5 best skateboard brands by far are Enjoi, Alien Workshop, Almost, Plan B and Antihero. These brands have proven to be reliable and have a great reputation among skaters.

In recent years, Farfetch and TrendingCult websites have become popular among skateboard enthusiasts, as they offer a wide range of Skateboard brands and products. They are a great resource for finding the perfect board to suit your needs and preferences.


Which brand is best for a Skateboard?
The best skateboard brands depend on the individual needs and preferences of the Skateboarder. However, the above-mentioned brands are considered some of the best in the industry and are known for producing high-quality Skateboards that are suitable for both beginner and professional Skateboarders.
What board do pro skaters use?
Pro skaters often have sponsorships with specific brands and may use boards from those brands. However, many pro skaters also use boards from the above-mentioned brands because of their high-quality.
What kind of skateboard does Tony Hawk ride?
Tony Hawk has had a long-standing sponsorship with Birdhouse Skateboards, which is a subsidiary of Almost Skateboards.


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