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The Ultimate Guide To Book Cheap Flights To Puerto Natales

In the southern part of Chile, more precisely in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region, is the city of Puerto Natales. For hikers and other outdoor lovers, it serves as the entrance to the renowned Torres del Paine National Park. The spectacular natural scenery at Puerto Natales, which includes fjords, glaciers, and mountains, makes it the perfect starting point for exploring the region. The community offers a variety of services to guests who come to experience Patagonia’s natural splendour, including lodging, dining, and tour companies. In this article, we will explore the different ways in which one can take flights to Puerto Natales and provide you with some useful tips for travelling to this beautiful location.

Flights to Puerto Natales: Discover this wonderful place of land

How to get flights to Puerto Natales?

There is no international airport at Puerto Natales, so people must first fly to The Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport, which is 8 km away from Puerto Natales. You will have various methods of transportation from Puerta Natales. Since there is no airport in Puerto Natales, one must fly to Santiago de Chile or Puerto Montt and then take a direct flight to The Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport and, from there, travel in a bus or car, or taxi to Puerto Natale. The duration of flights to Puerto Natales from Santiago de Chile and Puerto Montt takes 3 hours and 2 hours, respectively. 

Book the best flights to Puerto Natales with Jet Smart

flights to Puerto Natales
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Here are the easy steps to book flights to Puerto Natales

  1. Visit Jet Smart.
  2. You can see the ‘Origin (Where from?)’ and ‘Destination (Where to?)’ fields under the flight tab.
  3. You can select your location by clicking on the ‘Origin’ field. For example, if you are planning to fly from Rio de Janeiro, you can type in Rio de Janeiro and select the option.
  4. Depending on your preference, you can select a one-way, round-trip, or even a multi-city flight.
  5. You must also choose the number of people travelling and the class in which you would like to travel. 
  6. The departure and return dates must then be chosen.
  7. By clicking on ‘Search’, you’ll go to the next page and will be able to see all the flights to Puerto Natales.
  8.  You can select either the cheap flights to Puerto Natales or the best flights to Puerto Natales option according to your requirements.
  9. Once the whole process is completed, choose the payment method that suits you the most.
  10. Check that all of the information is accurate after providing your personal and financial information as required.
  11. To complete the ticket purchase, click on the Purchase button.

What to do in Puerto Natales?

Visitors may enjoy a range of activities and attractions at Puerto Natales, which is situated in Chile’s breathtaking Patagonia region. Everyone can engage in activities that help them appreciate the beauty of the South. On the one hand, climbing Cerro Dorotea or choosing a stroll to the old Braun and Blanchard Dock will delight you with a special view of the birds of the southern sky; as a result, we advise you to get your camera ready. While a visit to the Torres del Paine National Park, which was named the Eighth Wonder of the World in 2017 and is now one of the top tourist destinations in the nation, is unavoidable. This encourages you to embrace your sense of adventure and go on explorational adventures on horseback, a bicycle, or on foot. Along with all this, you can also Milodon Canve, Puerto Natales Waterfront, try the local cuisines, take in the local scenery, and so many other things.

Some travel tips for people on flights to Puerto Natales

  1. Visa requirements: keep your knowledge up to date regarding the visa policies/requirements to enter Puerto Natales.
  2. When to travel: Surprisingly, you can travel to Puerto Natales all year long. You can have an amazing time roaming among rivers, mountains, and other distinctive world sceneries during the spring and summer on sunny days. The trails and overlooks become colder in the winter as a result of the whitened mountains and frozen lakes and rivers, but this is nothing that a good hot chocolate and coat can’t handle.
  3. Accommodations: Particularly during the busy season (November to March), Puerto Natales is a well-liked travel destination. It is essential to reserve your lodging and transportation early in advance to ensure that you get your first choice.
  4. Remember to stay hydrated all the time and bring snacks with you too.
  5. Try to learn some Spanish phrases so that you can talk to the locals easily.


Puerto Natales is a unique and beautiful travel destination, but getting there can be a challenge. However, with the right planning and preparation, visitors can enjoy all that this beautiful place has to offer. By following the travel tips provided in this article, travellers can make their trip to Puerto Natales a safe and memorable experience. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a remote and exotic travel destination, Puerto Natales is worth considering. Book your flights to Puerto Natales and experience the natural beauty and unique culture of this small and exotic place. Check out Jet Smart and TrendingCult for more content on travelling. Also, find the best deals on flights to Puerto Natales and around the world.


Where do you fly into Puerto Natales?
You fly to The Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport, which is 8kms away from Puerto Natales. From there, you take a bus or car or cab and travel to Puerto Natales.
Does Puerto Natales have an airport?
No, Puerto Natales does not have an airport. The closest airport to Puerto Natales is The Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport which is 8kms away from Puerto Natales.
How do I get from Santiago to Puerto Natales?
You can take a direct flight from Santiago to Puerto Natales, which takes approximately 3 hours.

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