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Elevate Your Decor With The Magic Of Floating Shelves

Floating shelves inject rooms with the illusion of sorcery – defying gravity as they hover miraculously on walls with no visible support. Sleek yet sturdy, these architectural elements add modern flair and handy storage to any space. Float your favourite curios in midair, stack books at unexpected angles, and corral clutter in a snap – the styling possibilities are spellbinding with floating shelves!

Installation process of floating shelves

Here are the instructions for installing floating shelves:

  1. Gather your materials – You will need floating shelves, wall anchors or screws suited for your wall type, a drill, a level, a pencil, and a stud finder.
  2. Find the wall studs – Use the stud finder to identify the wall studs so that at least two shelf brackets are fastened to the studs. Mark the stud placements using a pencil.
  3. Level and mark bracket positions – Place the shelf where you want it, use a level to ensure it’s straight, and then use a pencil to mark the wall at each bracket point.
  4. Drill bracket holes – Using a drill bit slightly smaller than your wall anchors or screws, pre-drill holes at each designated bracket site. Drill into the studs if feasible.
  5. Insert wall anchors – If using wall anchors, tap them lightly into the pre-drilled holes with a hammer.
  6. Mount brackets – While holding the shelf bracket in position, put the screw through the bracket hole and into the wall anchor or stud. Tighten using a screwdriver.
  7. Mount the shelf – With the brackets securely fastened to the wall, slide the floating shelf onto the brackets and drive screws through the shelf into the bracket to keep it in place.
  8. Add desired items – Once securely mounted, you can add photos, decor, books or anything else you want to display!

Best floating shelves at Home Depot

1. Slim Espresso Floating Shelf 60.3 X 19.5 X 3.1

Slim Espresso Floating Shelf 60.3 X 19.5 X 3.1
Slim Espresso Floating Shelf 60.3 X 19.5 X 3.1 | trendingcult

Make a sophisticated statement with the Slim Espresso Floating Shelf. This narrow yet durable steel shelf adds a rich coffee colour and handy horizontal space perfect for tight spots or minimalist living rooms longing for tidy storage. Display an array of framed photos, potted succulents, candles, and curios across its smooth 61-inch span without dominating the wall. The slim profile suits this shelf to slip discreetly onto walls, nestling behind sofas, or hovering above office desks as an urban-chic showpiece.

2. White Slim Floating Shelf 61x26x3cm

Brighten up any room with the crisp, clean lines of the White Slim Floating Shelf. Made of resilient steel wrapped in durable laminate, this ultra-slim shelf provides an airy feel with its snowy white tone and slim 26-inch depth, perfect for preventing visual clutter. Float decorative vases, candles, small plants or delicate decor over sofas, desks, kitchen counters and more without overwhelming the space. This contemporary shelf manages to feel roomy yet refined.

3. Capelli Double Level Shelf 32 X 80 X 19 CM Rustic Oak

The Capelli Double Level Rustic Oak Shelf reveals clever hidden storage through its stacked dual-plank design. Two parallel shelves made of textured wood grain laminate double the space for displaying treasured tomes, Corning ware, and meaningful mementoes. Mounted in an overlapping formation upon warm brown faux-reclaimed wood panels, this multi-level model feels equal parts cosy country cottage, and equal parts handy hideaway. Ideal next to front doors, in offices, bedrooms and beyond, this rustic floating shelf is equal parts charm, equal parts secret storage saviour.

4. Slim Espresso Floating Shelf 3.17 X 45.08 X 19.55

Maximize your wall real estate with the slim but strong Slim Espresso Floating Shelf. At just 3 inches deep, this espresso-hued steel shelf is a space-savvy solution for collecting framed photos, potted succulents and beyond without occupying too much visual room. Let this trim yet sturdy floating shelf put awkward angled spaces, tight hallways, and tiny nooks to work as an unexpected display ledge or extra landing spot.

5. Durex Floating Shelf 5 X 61 X 11.5 CM Black

Make an architectural statement with the matte black edge of the Durex Floating Shelf. This rectangular industrial shelf and coordinating steel angle brackets provide sturdy open storage with a hint of urban attitude. Ideal for loft-inspired spaces longing for crisp lines or an elevated landing spot in modern kitchens to corral barware above the counter gaggle. The durable laminated shelf manages to appear suspended in midair, ready to adapt to books, vases or storage baskets.

6. Tempered Glass Shelf 50.5 X 10.5 X 3.3 CM

Display your most eye-catching curios within the protective glass walls of this sleek tempered glass floating shelf. With its transparent 8mm pane that subtly magnifies objects underneath and sturdy chrome supports, valuables stay safely enclosed without obscuring their allure. Skip the usually cluttered knickknack shelf for this polished showcase guaranteed to accent your treasures beautifully.

7. Capelli Double Level Shelf 32 X 80 X 19 CM White

Double your storage – and style – with the Capelli Double Level Floating Shelf in snowy white. Two parallel-mounted planks made of smooth white laminate faux wood beckon books, framed photos, ceramic planters or even baskets to store remotes and rollers out of sight. Mount in offices, bedrooms, entryways and living spaces for an interplay of visible surfaces and hidden openings that stow twice as many necessities and niceties neatly at hand without appearing crowded.

8. Shelf with 3 Capelli Niches 1.12 MX 14 X 30 CM Rustic Oak Brown

Shelf with 3 Capelli Niches 1.12 MX 14 X 30 CM Rustic Oak Brown
Shelf with 3 Capelli Niches 1.12 MX 14 X 30 CM Rustic Oak Brown | trendingcult

Hand-crafted for rustic country allure, Capelli’s 1-meter reclaimed wood floating shelf is anything but basic with its trio of handy open cubbies quietly tucked underneath the display ledge rather than visible shelves. This ingenious three-in-one storage solution maximizes space for stowing rolls of wrap and remotes by day while showcasing candles and greenery by night. Let this warm floating shelf conquer chaos without the expected bulk.

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Let floating shelves cast a decor spell over your home. Conjure up stylish yet practical storage solutions designed to amaze you. Whether you seek floating shelves for a minimalist look, easy access in tight spaces, or decluttering wizardry, The Home Depot is the right place to find floating shelves.

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What is the rule for floating shelves?
The general rule is to have shelves spaced at least 6-12 inches apart vertically, depending on their depth, items displayed, and aesthetic preferences.
What do I need to know before installing floating shelves?
Key things to know are confirming wall material/strength, using proper anchors for the wall type, checking levelness, and allowing shelves to set after mounting brackets before loading.
What are the rules for floating shelves in the kitchen?
Kitchen floating shelf rules: Place 12-15 inches above countertops, keep 6 inches between shelf edges and appliances, use waterproof material, and allow for mobile items like microwaves.

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