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lulus vs asos

Lulus vs Asos Gives Individual Choice of Fashion and Comfort

Lulu and Asos have dominated the fashion brand by catering excellent products to their customers for many years. Their wide range of fashion brands has penetrated the fashion market. Unlike any other retailer Lulus and Asos are reputable retailers with the utmost customer satisfaction when it comes to their products. 


Why Lulus Vs ASOS as a fashion choice

Lulus started its first online store in 1996 in California when online shopping was hardly a popular mode of shopping back then. Despite the challenge, the risk paid off, and since then it has been selling different types of clothing from party dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts, shoes, tops, accessories to swimwear, and more. No matter where you are the brand make it feasible for its customer to order any of their product from anywhere in the world. Lulus has achieved a great feat in providing luxurious but affordable women’s clothing, a blend of luxury and comfort. 

The variety of options that come with Lulus is that no matter what your fashion choice may be, you will find your fashion choice on Lulus. Especially the types of clothes you are looking for and it will make you feel head over heels for yourself. This is an assurance of an online retailer that has been serving tons of customers from different backgrounds for over 20 years. 

The huge success of Lulus got the attention of popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Glamour where the authentic review of their fashion clothing has been praised. 

ASOS on the other hand is a popular eCommerce retailer in the UK and worldwide as well, founded by its founders in the year 2000. Since then it has been catering to both men’s and women’s wear. Its outstanding achievements for years have been made possible by shipping its own clothing and accessories to 196 countries. Meanwhile becoming a global brand, especially contributing to the eCommerce success story as the UK’s largest independent online fashion retailer. 

The top-selling products on ASOS have been ranging from women’s clothing trends to men’s face and grooming products. However, ASOS adapted to selling clothing from its initial plan of selling items seen on TV, for instance, selling pestle and mortar, and later a huge transaction was made to enhance the customer’s experience of shopping with ASOS via the mobile app. 

Both have made a debatable amount of contribution to the fashion brand and have made the customer experience tremendously affordable. But Lulus’s dedication to providing specifically myriads of women’s wear has changed the total experience of women’s expectations to clothing choice. 

What makes Lulus beyond exceptional as a Fashion Brand 

There are a few indisputable reasons why Lulus stand out as a fashion brand beyond exceptional when compared to Lulus vs ASOS. 

1. It’s a highly trustable online store globally on Women’s trends 

As mentioned already, Lulus is a highly trustable online store when it comes to a clothing brand of its own. Lulu’s twenty years of online selling of women’s quality products and being featured in popular fashion magazines advocate their brand legitimacy. There is no other trustable retailer as Lulus when it comes to online shopping.   

The extensive range of women’s trends including from types of clothing to accessories is what Lulus caters to the best women’s trends. No worries about bustling into different types of boutiques or stores for looking for your types. For Lulus bring all women’s trends under one roof with multi-option to meet your desired fashion taste.  

2. Lulu’s shipping and return policy 

Lulu’s shipping and return policy
Lulu’s shipping and return policy | Trendingcult

For the residents in the US, Lulus has free shipping for orders above 50 dollars but these cities  Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will likely have a few exclusions. Their fast shipping process takes about two to three days to initiate the process and business days of five to seven for the order to be delivered. However, if you’re not a resident of the US  worry not! you can still make an order with a shipping charge included. 

While in regards to the return policy, Lulus is strict in making your return policy on the order parcel. The return parcel is accepted within 30 days of the purchase being made, and the product should not be used or worn along with the tag it should be in its original condition. 

In addition, postmark your shipment within 10 days for free shipping. However, if failed to postmark within 10 days a shipping and restocking cost of 6. 50 dollars is charged. 

3. Ranges of sizes on Lulus 

We all have experience one way or the other where we see the irresistible product online but there is no size available for us. Worry not! Lulus happens to be among those few brands that have ranges of varied sizes on most of the clothes. Hence you don’t have to worry about not finding your exact size. They have what fits you the best. 

Moreover, to consolidate your size you can have a look at the Size Charts on swimwear, shoes, dresses, tops, and more before making a purchase. To find your size comparison on Lulus vs ASOS on the varied sizes availability, Lulus generally understands the high importance of size variation.

4. Quality Assurance and Pricing 

Quality Assurance and Pricing
Quality Assurance and Pricing | Trendingcult

Yes, with Lulus Yes one can assure a joyful experience. every time a purchase is made and most of the customers are happy and thankful because of the quality of products on Lulus compared to the brand’s affordability. The majority of the clothes are fairly exceptional when it comes to quality checks.

By and large many of us are concerned about the color and quality after a few times of wear and washes but the clothing on Lulus maintains the same quality and color even after multiple wears and laundry. This is especially crucial when we compare Lulus vs ASOS.  

In addition, when the cost is concerned Lulu’s pricing is basically the most satisfying thing comparatively. Its affordability knows no bounds. Imagine that you can buy almost everything for just $100! Yes only on Lulus. This price is on wedding dresses and denim too. One can get a high price discount on sale seasons and by signing up on Lulus you can stay updated on the latest sales.

5. Nothing like Sustainability with Lulus

Due to a lack of sustainability on products on many brands these days consumers have a difficult time trusting online products. But Lulus is for sure one of those brands that have highly sustainable products just for you. Although there is no clear information about how their products are processed. But Lulus is not Vegan free when it comes to clothing from animal products. But worry not because Lulus has collections of vegan clothing such as jackets or bottoms. 

What are the general comparison between Lulus’s brand and ASOS’s Brand: Lulus vs ASOS 

General Classification LULU  ASOS 
Product Range  Shopping mostly on a wide range of women’s clothing, accessories, wedding dresses, outlets, swim, shoes, bottoms, tops, swim, and dresses.    Shopping variety with both men and women categories on a wide range of clothing, accessory, jeans, shoes, sportswear, dresses, cosmetics (for women), and more. 
Fashion Trends  Trendy and fashion-forwarded styles on all clothing and accessories.   Diverse styles and fashion trends 
Pricing  Highly affordable pricing on clothing and accessories.  From Affordable to high pricing with a wide range of prices.  
Quality Check Exceptional quality on all goods  Quality varies on brands and products 
Shipping options Moderate and standard shipping of all goods to many countries is available and easy to track order   Standard and Express delivery options available both on domestic and international shipping
Refund and Return policy  Smooth return policy within the specific days Flexible return policy under specific dates  
Customer Service  Responsive customer support  Multiple support channels for customer support 
Shopping platforms  Easy shopping on the website and on the Lulus app, anywhere anytime, and easy tracking on the app  User-friendly website and filtering option and easy shopping on ASOS mobile app 
Sales and promotions  Special sales for military members, 10% off for Healthcare workers, 10% student discount, membership rewards, and regular promotions Seasonal discounts throughout the year, sales with up to 70% off, regular promotions 


Irrespective of the brand you choose finding what makes you happy and confident in your own fashion taste is important. In the end, whether Lulus vs ASOS, everything boils down to personal choice and experience. Both ASOS and Lulus have their own goals and objective of catering to their customers. And these services could vary from simple pricing and selection of goods to the overall shipping process and quality of the goods. However, Lulus has been for many decades older than ASOS in online global shopping and has been successfully navigating women’s constant change in fashion and styles. Therefore when we talk about Lulus vs ASOS Lulus understands and pays vital importance to ever-evolving women’s trends and styles of fashion which makes it the best fashion clothing platform. Read more articles on Trendingcult.


Is Lulus a quality or luxurious brand?
Lulus is known for designing sophisticated trends in women’s goods blended with modern styles. The superb construction and excellent high-end finishes make Lulus a perfect presentation of affordable luxury and quality brands. 
Is Lulu the same as Shein?
The quality of products on Lulus is comparatively high unlike Shein where brands are manufactured overseas and the quality decrease in the first wash. 
Is ASOS considered cheap?
Comparatively clothes prices on ASOS are both mix of affordable and expensive prices based on the product. They are not cheap like the prices at regular boutiques. This fluctuation in prices is visible both in men’s and women’s sections.  

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