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Lulus Vs PrettyLittleThings

Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings Where Styles and Elegance Meet to Collide 

When we talk about Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings the comparison always comes fierce. The two brands are fast-growing growing online platforms with high competition in women’s clothing and accessories. Over the past years, many have been comparing the quality, service, online accessibility, different types of clothes, and brands on both platforms when it comes to Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings. 

Both are inevitably reputed for their services however when it comes to long years of online selling and servicing Lulus has been holding records of successful stories since its inception in 1996 in California. The journey of online selling began even when there were hardly any online retailers popular at that time. Despite the lack of popularity of online shopping, Lulus has made its mark in the d online sellingigital world of extensive servicing. 

Why compare Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings when it comes to fashion choice  

What stands Lulus apart from PrettyLittleThings is available on the enormous range of accessories and clothing options for women. This does not mean that PrettyLittleThings has no extensive range of accessories and clothing options on its platform. They both have their unique parts of different types of women’s clothing and accessories depending on the types of season. But Lulus has made the effort easier due to their long year of experience with customers’ purchases. Therefore Lulus has a comprehensive provision on fashion and styles. 

A few reasons why Lulus over Prettylittlethngs 

1. Large network shipping 

Yes! Lulus has an extensive network shipping worldwide in comparison to PrettyLittleThings which only has shipping options to a few countries. With Lulus wherever you are waste no time and start ordering your best and favorite choice and get your delivery within a few business days right at your doorstep and in your country. PrettyLittleThings on the other hand established in 2012 and only operate actively in Australia, the Middle East, the French, the US, the Irish, and the Canadian markets. Therefore if you are not from one of these countries it’s not feasible to get your order shipped to your country. 

While on the other hand if you can imagine Lulus ships to over 23 countries worldwide extend the Middle East, Asia, the US, and Europe. So, if you are planning to buy high-quality clothes for your loved ones with Lulus get an order shipped right to your loved one anywhere in these countries.  

2. Lulus Vs PrettyLittleThings on Quality and Pricing 

Lulus is very keen on affordability plus luxury and therefore it has achieved a great feat in providing affordable clothing with luxury. All the women’s goods on Lulus come with comfort, styles, fashion, a touch of luxury, and affordability. While on PrettLittileThings prices are affected by the brand and the types of clothing. There are prices that fluctuated based on the season as well. Lulus has dedicated pricing on all types of women’s clothing which remain affordable throughout the season with promised quality checks on these goods. 

3. Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings on Sizes and fitting 

Lulus is known for having a diverse range of sizes and fitting options. Operating for decades Lulus has understood the importance of size in the market and especially for the consumers. Easy to find XXL sizes and easily fitted clothing sizes that meet your expectation on Lulus that embrace your body. Moreover size charts are detailed and accurate, this makes it easier for the customers to understand in advance whether the clothing will accommodate their body or not. Hence it’s very easy to find the right size on Lulus. PrettyLittleThings may have sizes option on the clothes but not comparatively as detailed and accurate as Lulus. 

4. Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings Styling options 

Lulus is always concerned about exotic styling options that meet the taste of every single individual out there. For this reason, Lulus pay keen attention to evolving trends in the fashion industry and from women’s clothing to footwear and shoes to formal dresses for every perfect occasion and event. Get your styling clothing on PrettyLittleThings as well for every occasion but for the latest to the transformative trend, Lulus is high on alert as an owl. This is to make sure that you are left behind in your fashion taste with friends and colleagues. The clothing brand on Lulus is also exclusive on their site. 

5. Lulus Vs PrettyLittleThings Shipping and Refund policy 

Lulus has a very strict shipping and refund policy which they are detailed with your order. This is due to international shipping destinations. The refund and return are also accepted under certain conditions which can be redeemed within the permitted period of days. The smooth processing days will be in one or two days before your order is shipped. Hence once the order is shipped Lulus makes it convenient for their customer to keep track of their order on the Lulu app. While PrettyLittleThings has been facing bad reviews due to their poor delivery dates and shipping process. 

While concerning refund policy Lulus has a smooth sufficient period of days before the item is returned. With thin 30 days, the item can be returned, however, if the item is used or worn and returned without a tag and without its original condition this return request is not accepted. Once the item passes the quality check and meets the requirement money is refunded to the original payment method or to the credit store. While on the other hand, PrettyLittlethings has low rating rates due to customers’ dissatisfaction with the purchases made.     

Lulus Vs PrettyLitttleThings Who to Choose for a better shopping experience 

General Classification  Lulus  PrettyLittleThings 
Brand Reputation  Highly reputed for quality, trend, style, and strong brand image Know for affordability and fashion 
Shipping  Extensive shipping worldwide  International shipping available in a few counties 
Pricing on goods  High pricing to mide range due to the high-quality material used  affordable pricing to mid-range pricing on all goods 
Style and Aestheticism  Classic, elegant, and sophisticated  Trendy, youthful, and pricky 
Customer Services  High positive reviews on customer satisfaction   Average and high customer dissatisfaction  
Product Variety  Wide range of clothing variety, accessories, shoes, tops wedding dresses, outlets, footwear, etc  Offer a wide range of clothing and accessories 
Quality Checks  Reputed for high-quality products  Products range in levels of quality 



There is no doubt that if you are looking forward to a high-quality overall customer experience Lulus vs PrettyLittleThings, Lulus has got you covered. This is generally crucial due to international shipping. Imagine your special event is just around the corner and upon receiving delayed delivery or bad quality product, won’t it ruin your great event? We do not discourage customers not to buy from PrettyLittleThings we all have our preferences. Therefore, our recommendation remain based on the general and authentic reviews of the consumers and the right authentication even by fashion magazine such as Vogue, Elle, and Glamour where Lulus is featured. Lulus is the best online clothing website and is likely your online shopping destination. Nevertheless, we wish you a great shopping experience. 


Is Lulus a reputable website?
Yes, compare to PrettyLittleThings, Lulus is a highly reputed brand website because of their high quality on women’s clothing, accessories, and other types of footwear. 
Where is the Lulus brand located?
Lulu’s headquarter is based and located in California and from there they are serving customers all over the world. 
Who is the CEO of PLT?
Umar Kamani is the co-founder and CEO of PrettyLittleThings, who graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is also an entrepreneur, fashion retailer and restaurant partner. 

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