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Ditch The Dog Tags: Try These 5 Trendy Necklaces For Men

Bored with simple chains that don’t do much for your overall look? Well, it’s time to accessorize your look with more trendy necklaces for men from Asos! Their huge selection lets you add some eye-catching bling to your everyday style. Big and bold or sleek and subtle – find chains, pendants, chokers, and more to take your outfit to the next level.

Make a statement with chunky chains in silver or gold. Layer up multiple skinny necklaces for men to get a cool stacked look. Rep your interests with video games, music, or pop culture pendants. Or keep it simple with a single pendant or bead on a cord or chain. 

Whatever your vibe, ASOS has you covered. Shop necklaces for men from rad brands or their own affordable designs. 

1. ASOS Brings Epic Necklaces for Men

Asos has got you covered whether you’re looking for subtle or statement-making. For understated style, check out slim chains, cord chokers, and simple pendants. Layer up multiple skinny chains for cool stacked dimensions. Or keep it minimal with a single beaded strand.

Make a bolder impact with chunky chains and oversized pendants. Heavy curb and box link chains deliver a serious presence. Skulls, crosses, dragon heads – find bold designs to match your interests and personality. 

With so many options for necklaces for men, you can switch up your neck game daily. Try leather cords one day, and flashy chains the next. Show off your varying vibes. Let’s have a look at some of the trendy options available on their website!

2. 6 Affordable Necklaces for Men that Look Expensive

1. Faded Future silver-tone necklace

Faded Future silver-tone necklace
Faded Future silver-tone necklace

With its sleek triangular pendant and biker-inspired vibe, this Faded Future necklace is an edgy statement piece. The pendant features a raised angular design that creates dimension and visual interest. It hangs from a simple but substantial curb chain in a cool distressed silver-tone finish. This unique geometric necklace has an avant-garde, almost futuristic feel that commands attention. Pair it with casual looks like graphic tees and jeans or layer it with other chains for a badass stacked neck game. 

2. ASOS Design pearl necklace with emerald crystal spacers, pearl size 6mm

This ASOS Design necklace pairs classic pearls with colourful crystal accents for a youthful yet sophisticated look. Six-millimeter white freshwater pearls give it an elegant, timeless beauty. They’re divided by emerald-coloured spacer crystals that provide an unexpected pop of vibrancy. The alternating pattern creates visual interest while the varied shapes and textures add depth. This versatile necklace transitions seamlessly from day to night. It’s perfect for everything from wedding guest attire to drinks with friends.

3. ASOS Design silver necklace with small cross pendant

ASOS Design silver necklace with small cross pendant
ASOS Design silver necklace with small cross pendant

This simple ASOS Design necklace features a petite silver cross pendant on a cable chain. It’s a minimalist way to represent your faith. The 1.2-inch pendant is an unembellished classic cross with clean lines and balanced proportions. A slender cable chain in a coordinating silver tone provides an uncomplicated foundation. This allows the cross to take the spotlight. The lightweight Sterling silver necklace for men has an elegant durability built to last. It’s ideal for broadcasting your beliefs in a low-key, subtle way.

4. Classics 77 Luna necklace in gold

Make a bold shiny statement when you rock this Classics 77 hollow curb chain necklace. The chunky gold-tone links create a substantial visual impact. It’s made from stainless steel with IP gold plating for maximum lustre and durability. The open links give the illusion of floating, creating an eye-catching light-catching effect when worn. If you like attention-grabbing jewellery with lots of presence, this glimmering Luna chain delivers. This is one of the best necklaces for men if you want something more than a simple chain.

5. Lost Souls silver-tone stainless steel necklace 

Lost Souls silver-tone stainless steel necklace 
Lost Souls silver-tone stainless steel necklace

The distressed silver-tone pendant on this Lost Souls necklace resembles dripping or molten metal frozen mid-flow. No two pendants are exactly alike, giving each a unique freeform shape with lots of rugged texture. This lends an edgy, almost dangerous vibe. Black grooves snake across the metallic surface for added dimension. The pendant hangs from a simple small-link chain in a matching antiqued silver finish. This grungy necklace has a serious attitude perfect for badass biker-inspired fashion.

6. ASOS Design necklace with small cross pendant in gold tone

From ASOS Design, this dainty gold necklace for men features a petite cross pendant for subtly expressing faith. The classic 1.2-inch cross silhouette has clean contours and balanced proportions. Unlike the silver version, the pendant’s yellow gold IP plating gives it a warm, bright finish. A coordinating slender cable chain provides an understated base in the same radiant tone. This enhances the pendant’s subtle symbolism. With its delicate size and brilliant shine, this gold cross necklace for men adds a touch of faith to any look. If you are looking for necklaces for men to wear daily as a minimalist religious piece, then this one is perfect. 

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Step up your style game with cool necklaces for men from ASOS! They’ve got an epic selection to take your fits to the next level. Big and bold chunky chains make a major impact. Sleek and subtle cords and pendants keep it low-key. Whether you rock neon beads, giant shark tooth pendants, or solid gold chains, ASOS has you covered. Affordable prices mean you can stock up on new man bling without the sting. Add some eye-catching flair and take your outfit game up a notch with awesome necklaces for men! For more fashion recommendations and reviews, visit Trendingcult.


How many necklaces should a man wear?
Most style experts recommend limiting it to 1-2 necklaces at a time. Stacking 3+ can look cluttered. Start with one statement piece, then optionally layer on a slimmer chain.
Why should men wear necklaces?
Necklaces allow men to accessorise simply and subtly. They add visual interest and personality without being over the top. Chains and pendants can express personal style, interests, beliefs, etc.
What makes a necklace masculine?
Thicker chains, darker metals, and edgier pendants (skulls, claws, etc.) give necklaces a rugged, masculine vibe. Unconventional shapes and distressed finishes also read as masculine.

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