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Travel to Spain

Plan your Travel to Spain at Budget-Friendly Prices

Spain is an adventurous vacation destination that everybody dreams about. It is famous because of its climate, delicious food, landscapes, wonderful Fiestas, sport and shopping and many hidden gems. If you are planning to travel to Spain, Skyscanner can help you customise an unforgettable trip from the United Kingdom at a budget-friendly cost.

Famous Places to Visit in Spain

1. Barcelona

Barcelona | Trendingcult

Barcelona is considered one of the finest locations to visit in Spain. The city is outstanding, unique, and beautiful. You can witness beautiful scenic places throughout the day and night in Barcelona. Some of the fascinating places to visit in Barcelona are:

  • Visit the SagradaFamilia.
  • Enjoy live music places.
  • Enjoy the delicious food and drinks.
  • Visit exciting places or art streets.
  • Shopping on Passeig de Gracia.

Consider booking your direct flight from the United Kingdom to Barcelona at just £48 on Skyscanner for your smooth and comfortable journey.

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2. Madrid

Madrid | Trendingcult

Madrid is a big city with numerous unique neighbourhoods to explore and travel to Spain, and you can do that by enjoying the city’s picturesque view. Madrid is known for its tremendous and marvellous royal buildings and beautiful architecture. The town has its own culture and traditions; it is fascinating. Madrid is also famous for its hospitality because people are very kind and friendly. You should taste the mouthwatering food of Madrid.

3. Marbella

Marbella | Trendingcult

Marbella is a perfect place to visit with your kids and family. It has 23 beautiful beaches you can see, and overall, it can be an exciting holiday destination. You can watch the Dolphin show, eat delicious seafood, and learn more about its history and traditions.

4. Seville


Seville is a place where the unique gipsy art of Flamenco was performed and born. Many travellers and visitors each year travel to Spain from the UK to see its fantastic architecture. You should pay a visit to the Royal Alcazar Palace, which is famous worldwide and attracts numerous visitors. For the best experience, consider visiting Seville between March to May.

Travelling Needs and Requirements for your Smooth Journey from the Uk to Spain

Many people asked, “what do I need to travel to Spain?” Skyscanner can help you clear your queries and doubts regarding your dream holidays.

UK citizens must obtain and submit the following mentioned documents to enter or travel to the Republic of Spain:

  • A permitted border-crossing point.
  • A document shows that a person cannot be restricted or banned from entering Spain.
  • A valid passport.
  • An ID document.
  • Valid health insurance.
  • An accurate bank statement document.
  • An accommodation proof.
  • A return or ongoing flight ticket.

Due to the current scenario of the post-Brexit rule related, The authorities of Spain have decided that UK citizens who want to travel to Spain must have at least €100 per day, or not less than €900, for their entire journey or stay. Any tourist who does not follow the mentioned Guidelines and conditions will not be allowed to enter the Republic of Spain.

Please note that Since June 2, 2022, according to the government of Spain or travel rules to Spain, there has been no condition to be fulfilled by travellers (worldwide) while entering the Republic of Spain due to coronavirus or covid 19 (including UK citizens).

Visa Requirements or to Enter Spain from the Uk

Visa Requirements or to Enter Spain from the Uk
Visa Requirements or to Enter Spain from the Uk | Trendingcult
  • Citizens of the UK can travel or enter Spain and the Schengen area without a Visa. It applies to any occasion, including travelling, business meetings, cultural events, sports events, business meetings and short training and studies. However, UK citizens can stay at most 90 days within 180 days.
  • Moreover,if a UK citizen wants to stay longer than 90 days in Spain, they must follow the Spanish Government’s rules andtravel to spain’s requirements. For more information, contact the embassy of Spain in the United Kingdom and ask them about the entry requirements and the type of visa they need to apply for to stay more than 90 days in the Republic of Spain.

Note: Any individual who wants to extend the no. of days in Spain for any exceptional situation must contact the Immigration Authorities in Spain.

In a Nutshell

Planning a budget-friendly Spain trip from the UK to Spain is easy with low-budget flight tickets with a comfortable and best experience. So book your flight tickets now on Skyscanner and enjoy your travel to Spain with your family and friends. Make memories by visiting the finest places of Spain and live an unforgettable experience.


When is the cheapest time to fly to Spain?
The cheapest or most expensive month to fly to Spain in January. Moreover, December to March is considered the most reasonable time to visit Spain. However, you can also get affordable flight tickets in early spring and late autumn. If you travel to Spain in winter, You can witness many vibrant markets and activities related to annual celebrations such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas and beautiful carnivals.
How much are return flights to Spain?
The best price, according to Skyscanner, for a return flight to Spain is £17. However, it is an estimated price based on information collected and driven by different travel providers and airlines over the past four days. It is subject to change according to availability.
Why are flights to Spain so cheap right now?
Low airport fees can be a reason for cheap flights to Spain. Moreover, low airport fees undercut fares in other European cities also. Airlines can directly reduce the overall fare because the airport fees for flying in and out of Spain are not so high.
Can I fly from Cyprus to Spain?
Yes, you can get flights from Cyprus to Spain. Moreover, You will be able to see whether your selected flight to Spain will be a convenient connecting flight or a direct flight in the first booking step.

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