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Western Shirts

Flashback Or Fashion? Spotting The Best Vintage Western Shirts In 2023

Western shirts are probably one of the most American things that there is in the world of fashion (Did we blatantly ignore cowboy boots and fringes and tassels?) The world has suddenly embraced this American style and Western shirts have become all the rage in the current climate. First, it was the bootcut jeans, and now its pair-in-crime western cowboy-like shirt is back in style. Honestly, why not? These shirts are durable to a whole different level because of their strong yokes and other structural changes made. In this blog, Trending CUlt will talk about everything you need to know about these shirts- what makes them different and pick out some of the best pieces of western shirts for you.

What are Western Shirts?

Western shirts, rooted in American cowboy culture, are distinctive garments characterized by snap buttons, pointed collars, front and back yokes, and flap pockets. Traditionally crafted from durable cotton, these shirts often feature intricate embroidery, contrasting piping, and pearl snaps, embodying a rugged yet stylish aesthetic. The pointed collars, long sleeves, and practical design cater to the needs of outdoor work. Evolving beyond their cowboy origins, these shirts now serve as versatile fashion pieces, celebrated for their unique detailing, comfort, and a nod to the enduring legacy of the American West.

Features of Western Shirts

Snap Buttons

These shirts typically feature snap buttons instead of traditional buttons. Snap buttons are easy to fasten and unfasten, making them practical for the quick movements often associated with ranch work and riding.

Front and Back Yokes

These shirts commonly have front and back yokes, which are sections of fabric that create a V-shape on the shoulders and across the back. The yokes can be plain or decorated with embroidery for added flair.

Pointed Collars

The collars of these shirts are often pointed and can be buttoned down. The pointed collar is a classic feature seen in cowboy fashion.

Flap Pockets

Two chest pockets with flaps are a standard feature of these shirts. These pockets often have snap closures for easy access. These shirts also typically have long sleeves, making them suitable for various weather conditions.

Top Picks For Western Shirts For Men

1.   Sawtooth Relaxed Fit Western Shirt

Sawtooth Relaxed Fit Western Shirt
Sawtooth Relaxed Fit Western Shirt | Trendingcult

Embrace timeless style and rugged authenticity with our Classic Long-Sleeve Denim Shirt. Crafted with precision, it boasts the iconic pointed pocket design, paying homage to the enduring spirit of the American West. The unique chest pockets and snap-front closure add distinctive flair, seamlessly blending functionality with fashion. As a symbol of rugged American culture, this shirt exudes character and durability. The carefully designed curved shirttail hem ensures a perfect fit and adds a touch of modern sophistication.

2.   Short Sleeve Relaxed Fit Western Shirt

Short Sleeve Relaxed Fit Western Shirt
Short Sleeve Relaxed Fit Western Shirt | Trendingcult

The Short-Sleeve Relaxed Shirt effortlessly combines the appeal of Western style with the flexibility of casual wear. The enduring silhouette, together with a front closure secured by buttons, provides a traditional visual appeal, making it appropriate for a range of events. The shirt’s casual appearance exudes a calm atmosphere, guaranteeing comfort while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic. The addition of pockets inspired by Western fashion improves its distinct charm, imbuing it with a hint of tough style. This shirt suits both casual daytime wear and those who wish to embrace a modicum of Western edge. This option is ideal for those in search of a fashionable combination of traditional and modern components.

3.   Barstow Western Denim Shirt

This shirt exemplifies a combination of traditional roots and meticulous craftsmanship, representing a blend of ruggedness and elegance. The snap placket, pointed yoke, and curved hem of this garment is designed to honor the timeless Western style. It perfectly embodies the mood of the Wild West, whether worn alone or layered like a jacket. The shirt’s adaptability is evident when combined with your preferred blue jeans, resulting in a distinctive denim-on-denim appearance. Featuring two chest button pockets, this garment effortlessly combines practicality with fashion, serving as a tribute to the timeless appeal of Western design.

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Top Picks For Western Shirts For Women

1.   Donovan Western Shirt- rose violet

Donovan Western Shirt- rose violet
Donovan Western Shirt- rose violet | Trendingcult

The Donovan Shirt seamlessly blends timeless style with a Western flair, offering a wardrobe essential that exudes charm. The classic button-up design is elevated by distinctive Western elements, including a point collar and double chest pockets, combining functionality with a touch of frontier-inspired detailing. Crafted from 100% cotton, the shirt ensures comfort, while the corduroy fabric adds a textured dimension. With long sleeves and a hip-skimming length, it strikes the perfect balance between a relaxed fit and structural elegance. Embrace the enduring appeal of Western fashion with this versatile and effortlessly stylish Donovan shirt.

2.   Iconic Western Denim Shirt

Iconic Western Denim Shirt
Iconic Western Denim Shirt | Trendingcult

This enduring Iconic Denim Shirt seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary comfort. The long-sleeve denim design pays homage to rugged American culture, featuring iconic Western yoke details, chest pockets, and a distinctive snap-front closure. The curved shirttail hem adds a touch of modern style. Crafted with TENCEL Lyocell, sourced from wood, the shirt offers a soft, lightweight, and drapey feel. As a testament to durability, this hardworking shirt promises to age gracefully over time.

3.   Donovan Western Shirt

This timeless button-up effortlessly blends classic style with a Western flair. The point collar and double chest pockets add distinctive details, enhancing its overall charm. The relaxed yet structured fit ensures comfort without sacrificing style. With a hip-skimming length, this shirt becomes a versatile wardrobe essential. The color blocking further elevates its aesthetic, making it a standout piece that captures the essence of Western-inspired fashion. Whether paired with denim for a rugged look or styled for a casual-chic ensemble, this shirt embodies a perfect fusion of timeless appeal and modern sophistication.


Western and vintage shirts have smoothly transformed from their robust cowboy beginnings to become a fashion sensation, epitomizing American style with a hint of frontier charm. Their robustness, and distinctive attributes like snap buttons, yokes, and flap pockets, make them both functional and fashionable. No matter whether you like modern styles or classic denim, these shirts will always be a great addition to your wardrobe. Our top selections of western shirts from Levi’s showcase an ideal combination of comfort and fashion. Check out these shirts on the Levi’s website and enjoy the premium finesse of this highly popular fashion giant. For more information, visit Trendingcult.


Are Western shirts only for the Cowboys?
Western vintage shirts have transcended cowboy attire and are now versatile fashion pieces suitable for anyone seeking a rugged yet stylish aesthetic.
How should I style a Western shirt?
Style your shirt with classic denim for an authentic look or pair it with modern pieces to create a unique blend of timeless and contemporary fashion.
Can I wear a Western shirt to a formal event?
While these shirts are typically casual, choosing a well-tailored, solid-colored option can make them suitable for certain informal or smart-casual formal events.

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