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What Is A Bedside Table And What Are The Advantages Of Having One?

A bedside table, also known as a nightstand, is a simplistic table that is mainly used beside a bed to keep the lamp on it. It’s part of the home furniture and having one of them can keep your room looking decorative. Many of these tables come with sufficient drawers that have sufficient space to keep your small essentials apart from a lamp stand.

Over time adding a new bedside table in your room can come with many benefits. This is because of the new enhanced and complex designs that easily incorporate multiple purposes. This  table makes your room look decorative and also adds sufficient storage utility to your room. vidaXL’s collection of these  tables is beautiful and makes your modern bedroom look even more stylish.

The Top Collection of Bedside Tables for an Elevated Look and Storage Capacity

1. vidaXL Floating Bedside Table Black Carved Wood

VidaXL Floating Bedside Table Black Carved Wood
VidaXL Floating Bedside Table Black Carved Wood | Trendingcult

The floating black carved wood is a classically designed and well-decorated practical table to add to your bedside. It will not only create a beautiful interior look but also serve as an excellent furniture to store your small essentials. The carved wood is of high-quality engineered wood that will give a sturdy and durable experience. Plus it’s easy to maintain and easy to assemble.

It comes with a solid table top while the extra compartments add to the design as well extra storage capacity around your bed. The integrated drawer can be used for storing books, devices, magazines, and more. It is easy to set and easy to access; just within your reach altogether. The table is suitable for any type of living space as well, even for a small room it will accommodate without having your space look congested.

2. vidaXL Bedside Table Carved Wood Black

When you think of adding extra charm to your room this is a must-buy bedside table. Made from high-quality carved wood, it will not only keep it durable but also increase your overall experience with sturdiness and multifunctionality . The best part of the table design is the suitability to use it in the living room as a coffee table.

The table comes with three compartments which are enough to store books, magazines and to keep your small essentials. Other items that are important can also be organised making them conveniently within your reach. Let your interior have a higher level of elegance by adding it to your room.

3. vidaXL Bedside Table With Metal Legs, Concrete Gray

VidaXL Bedside Table With Metal Legs, Concrete Gray
VidaXL Bedside Table With Metal Legs, Concrete Gray | Trendingcult

The concrete grey beside the table can be a unique addition to your interior design. This is a beautifully designed and convenient table that will easily fit in any type of modern room and living space. The industrial charm of the table keeps the mood positive and enlightened.

This excellent piece of furniture comes with three drawers, ample space for storing your valuables, and also for organising your items. Moreover, the table is easy to clean with a damp cloth and easy to maintain. It will not only enhance your room but keep your items within reach.

4. vidaXL Bedside Table Solid Pine Wood and Natural Rattan Brown

This Table Solid Pine Wood and Natural Rattan Brown is for giving your room a Scandinavian look. The table is designed to give a seamless decorative look to your interior design. It’s both practical and enhancing. The sturdy top is also perfect for placing plants, and flower vases and is suitable to keep other decorative items.

The table is made from a durable material which makes the table strong, stable, and moisture-resistant. The drawer and the two additional compartments are for storing all your essentials, giving you sufficient space for organising and keeping your essentials within your reach. The rattan weave design will make your room look aesthetic. Simple and yet artistic vintage look that you may always want to cherish.

5. vidaXL Bedside Table Engineered Wood Sonoma Oak

VidaXL Bedside Table Engineered Wood Sonoma Oak
VidaXL Bedside Table Engineered Wood Sonoma Oak | Trendingcult

The sleek and well-engineered table that seamlessly gives out an industrial look is a timeless addition to your interior design. It’s suitable for any type of modern room. The material used is durable, strong, and moisture-resistant. The table’s frames are sturdy in construction and provide stable strength. An additional compartment and two large drawers give you enough space for storing your essentials.

What separates this table from the rest of the bedside table is its four adjustable legs. The legs protect your floor from getting scratched. It’s great for daily functional use at home. Keep your favourite flower vase or your favourite family photo on it. Without a doubt, it will enhance the ambiance of your interior design.

6. vidaXL Bedside Table LED Finished Wood High-Gloss Black

When you need a uniquely designed home accessory, this Table LED Finished Wood High-Gloss Black is a must add to your interior design. You can always look positive when you have the light switch in the dark around your bed. This LED table is a subtle addition of home furniture to your house.

The table is made from high-quality wood that will ensure durability, easy maintenance, and stability. The bedside cabinet comes with ample space for storing your small essentials such as books, magazines, remote control, etc. all within your reach. No wonder that the LED addition is a modern touch to your interior design but the table is perfect to set up in the living room as well. With an in-built USB connector, it’s easy to get the LED light functional.


Bedside table is one of the best home accessories that you can add for many purposes. They might look tiny but they are some of the best home decors that come in handy for a variety of purposes; not only for storing your small essentials but also for re-decorating your rooms. If you need an additional piece of utility around your living room, a table for your room will do the job for you. At affordable pricing get the best design of bedside tables on vidaXL. For more information visit Trendigncult.


What should a bedside table have?
A bedside table should have drawers to store small essentials, suitable to set up a lamp, an alarm clock, or a family photo. The material should be sturdy to withstand the harshness of the floor.
Spoiler title
The best type of nightstand is the one with the open shelving or easy drawers and a smooth top to keep your lamp. It should also be convenient to use for storing essential other styling home decor.
What should be the height of the bedside tables?
The height of such a table should be equal to the height of the bed, not too tall nor too short. A few inches shorter is perfect to match the bed height. Moreover, the height of this table can vary but depending on your need and styling option look for what best suits your style.

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