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Travel With The Ultimate Travel Companion With The Best Travel Backpack For Women

Are you travelling to your next destination but don’t know which travel backpack to pick? Travelling is so much fun particularly when you’re travelling alone or with your favourite bunch of people. However, not just people but travel essentials are equally important as well. By travel essentials, we also mean the bag to keep their essentials handy and easily portable. You need to pick the best travel backpack first thing and then proceed to pack your favourite stuff inside it. A travel bag is not just a bag but your true companion when you are away from home.

What Makes For The Best Travel Backpack?

The best travel bag would be the one that ticks marks all the below-mentioned points. Take a note!

Capacity That Can Accommodate it All

When choosing a travel bag, the biggest factor to take into account should be the backpack’s size. All of your items should fit within the travel backpack you want to carry on your next trip. The look and comfort of the travel bag are also equally important when choosing the right size of the bag. Important items like your clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, and toiletries should fit inside the bag. To avoid appearing bulky, the size should be small but roomy enough. 

Multiple Compartments for More Functionality

A backpack with so many compartments can turn out to be such a saviour! Most travel bags nowadays have multiple pockets on the front. Best travel backpacks also come with multiple compartments and dividers making them more functional. You can keep all your stuff organized and take it out as and when needed without messing up everything else inside.

Reliable and Durable Quality

Imagine you put all your belongings into your best travel backpack and it ends up falling apart! Yes, that’s exactly what you wouldn’t want to happen. A backpack should be made up of supreme quality that is reliable enough even in extreme situations. Your backpack should be built that can endure the weight of everything put inside it. When you travel anywhere, your backpack is exposed to wear and tear. Thus, a travel backpack made from durable materials like polyester, cotton or nylon should be preferred.

Make Sure it is Waterproof!

Rain checks are important, always! Travelling includes a lot of adventure including water sports and activities that can drench you and your backpack. A waterproof travel backpack for women is all we need to ensure the stuff inside the backpack stays secure and dry. The backpack will keep all your belongings especially the gadgets and clothing safe from getting wet due to rain or water activities.

Style and Comfort

Any best travel backpack is a perfect mix of style, comfort and functionality. As much as the functionality is important, so is the style of the bag. Your backpack should look as stylish as you. It should reflect your style and comfort. If you like the cool and funky prints, you must choose a backpack that serves the style. If you like classic styles or monochrome styles, you should opt for backpacks that offer such designs combined with functionality. Apart from that they should be comfortable enough! Look for backpacks that are lightweight and easy to carry.

Select Range Of The Best Travel Backpacks

Here are a few of our favourite backpacks from Vera Bradley.

1. XL Campus Backpack- Performance Twill

XL Campus Backpack- Performance Twill
XL Campus Backpack- Performance Twill | trendingcult

The multi-functional large travel backpack is all we need for our next trip! The best travel backpack on our radar! This one’s not just super stylish but is also water-resistant! The backpack’s design makes it look trendy and comfy from the first look itself. A padded laptop compartment ensures you don’t have to worry about your gadgets’ safety. There are also two side slip pockets and a U-shaped front zip compartment to give you more functionality. Buy today!

2. XL Campus Backpack- Cotton

A cotton backpack? Of course! We would love to call this an ideal backpack for we absolutely love the print and size of this one. With a front zip pocket, a hidden zip front pocket and a back hidden zip pocket, the functionality of this backpack has no bounds. The prints are so cool and aesthetic to look at. The size of the backpack has our whole attention! With a 30L capacity, it can easily accommodate all your travel essentials without making your backpack look bulky and stuffed. So wait no more and buy this today!

3. Campus Backpack- Cotton

Campus Backpack- Cotton
Campus Backpack- Cotton | trendingcult


Black is almost everyone’s favourite! And a black coloured backpack can never go wrong, especially this one right here that looks so classy and stylish. Oh yes, comfortable too! It has all the features that you would want in the best travel backpack! The padded straps add a whole different level of comfort while you are on your next adventure trip. The backpack also features multiple compartments to give you easy access to all your essentials. There are also two mesh slip pockets in the main compartment. Do not miss out on this one!

4. Campus Daytripper Backpack- Ripstop

Campus Daytripper Backpack- Ripstop
Campus Daytripper Backpack- Ripstop | trendingcult

This small travel backpack is extremely useful and comfortable! The ripstop nylon fabric makes it water-resistant thus saving you on rainy days. With a drawstring and buckle closure, it also comes with trolly sleeves. The bag is ideal for short vacays and travels. The straps and back are padded thus you can carry it around with ease without feeling all the weight on your shoulders and back. Buy now!


Choosing the best travel backpack can be quite tricky but not difficult! Whenever you are on the lookout for a travel backpack that just fits all the moulds, you should go for it. Comfortable and compact backpacks are the best! They are easy to carry and are super functional. Also, every individual has their own style and that should reflect through your backpack. So don’t compromise on the style rather look for a combination of functionality, comfort and style in one backpack! You can browse through Vera Bradley’s backpack catalogue to choose the one that suits you the best.

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How can I choose the right travel backpack?
When looking for the best travel backpack, ensure you pay attention to the size, material, functionality and price.
Which is the best travel backpack?
You can choose from many options when looking for the best travel backpack. An ideal backpack is the one that’s comfortable and easy to carry. Along with that, the backpack should have multiple pockets and compartments.
Which size of the travel backpack is best?
A backpack which can be large enough to accommodate all your essentials is perfect. At the same time, make sure the backpack is compact enough to carry around.

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