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Hotels with Pets

Book the Best Hotels with Pets for a more Fun & Relaxing Vacation 

The fact that it is so simple to bring your four-legged friend on vacation with you is one of the most attractive features of trips to the United Kingdom. There are several animal friendly hotels in locations such as the Lake District and the Cotswolds, which are both famous for the wonderful dog-walking areas they provide. Nothing could be more ideal than bringing your dog along with you when you stay in one of these hotels with pets. Our list of the pet friendly hotels also includes a variety of spa hotels, family-friendly resorts, 5-star luxury stays, and quaint budget hotels, all of which welcome guests travelling with their four-legged friends. Book your hotels with booking.com at the cheapest price.

List of the Best Hotels with Pets

1. Four Seasons Hampshire

Four Seasons Hampshire
Four Seasons Hampshire | Trendingcult

The sophisticated four seasons Hotel on booking.com, which is located in the beautiful countryside of Hampshire, is hotels with pets friendly policy. This excellent choice is situated around 73 kilometres outside of the city of London and can be reached by vehicle rented at the nearby airport. It is possible to pre-order pet-friendly accommodation at the hotel for an additional price of £35; nevertheless, the enormous 500-acre grounds are fantastic for strolling with dogs. In such case, the hotel will provide you with everything you need for a comfortable stay for your four-legged friend, including food, snacks, bowls, a bed, towels, and a bottle of water.

It is important to note that even though they have relaxed some of their policies, the hotel does not allow guests to bring their dogs. For instance, canines are not permitted inside the main dining establishment. During the warm summer months, you may enjoy your meal on the outside patio with the resident animals. You also have the option of calling a nanny to the hotel to take care of the dog for a couple of hours while you are out.

2. The Lanesborough

At the Lanesborough, the hotel’s canine visitors get the same level of opulent treatment that their owners do. Therefore, anyone who wants to plan a short staycation and spend a weekend in London hotels with pets in order to change the usual environment a little bit should consider renting a luxurious mansion that is located in the heart of the British capital. This is because a luxurious mansion in the centre of the British capital is definitely suitable for such an endeavour. When you’re not at the spa or out shopping, you may take your dog for a stroll in Hyde Park or take a stroll with him all the way to Buckingham Palace. A group of butlers will care after your pet while you are out for the evening if you have other commitments.

3. Hartwell House

Hartwell House
Hartwell House | Trendingcult

A peaceful stroll across the countryside with your four-legged friends is the best way to enjoy Hartwell House. You won’t be able to avoid seeing it if you’re driving a rental vehicle between London and Birmingham since it’s right in the middle of the route. The hotel is located in the middle of the Buckinghamshire countryside and has 90 acres of beautifully maintained gardens.

You will be able to reserve rooms that have doors that go directly to the hotel’s courtyards or gardens, as the hotel staff makes every effort to accommodate customers travelling with their pets in every manner. The dogs will have more opportunities to spend time outside, engage in fun activities, and investigate new areas. The hotel will give you with everything you need, including beds, a water bowl, and refreshments, so there is no need to carry anything with you. There is no extra fee for the service, however the employees at Hartwell House urge very firmly that the owners of the dogs be considerate of the hotels with pets and others that the dogs themselves behave nicely.

4. Lime Wood

Lime Wood
Lime Wood | Trendingcult

Within the New Forest National Park is where you’ll find the Lime Wood Boutique Hotel. From London, you can get there in a little over an hour and a half in a rental vehicle. It was originally a hunting lodge that was built in the 13th century and was subsequently meticulously renovated. The hotel’s outstanding attractiveness stems from the staff’s careful consideration of each and every detail. There is not a single detail that has not been attended to, from the decor of the apartments to the disposition of the spa.

Lime Wood is always happy to accommodate customers travelling with their pets. Even though dogs are not permitted inside the restaurant, the wait staff is able to keep an eye on four-legged pals for their owners so that they may enjoy the restaurant’s selection of fresh regional specialities. This hotel with pets hotel charges an additional fee of £30 per pet and offers separate bedding, towels, and bowls for the animals.

5. Hotel Tresanton

Those who long for the ocean and have always imagined travelling to Cornwall with their dogs will find the Tresanton hotel to be an ideal choice. It sits on the outskirts of St. Mawes, which is widely considered to be one of the most picturesque fishing communities in the country. The Saint-Just-in-Roseland Church, which dates back to the 14th century, as well as the Trelissick and Caerhays gardens, which are well-known for the magnolias, azaleas, and rhododendrons that grow in them, are both within walking distance of the inn. When travelling in a rented automobile, the journey to Trewithian and the Lost Gardens of Heligan won’t take more than a few minutes.

By the way, the Tresanton just established a bar called the Dogs’ bar, which offers the same food as the hotel’s main restaurant but in a less formal setting. This bar was created specifically for visitors of the hotel who travel with their dogs.

6. Cliveden House

Cliveden House
Cliveden House | trendingcult

The opulent Cliveden House can be reached from the city of London in under an hour by car. The roughly 375 acres of gardens and woodlands that make up the estate are owned by the National Trust and are accessible to the public. A hotel worthy of five stars may be found on the premises of the main structure, which is decorated with antiques and works of art.

The hotel welcomes customers travelling with their dogs throughout the whole year. At an extra fee of £35, Cliveden House is able to offer beds, towels, and bowls for guests’ canine companions. However, they are always welcome at Astor Bar & Grill, which even has a menu designed just for dogs to choose. The main restaurant that is situated on the property does not accept pets.


The number of hotels with pets allowed in the UK to stay with their owners has been steadily growing over the last few years. However, we are certain that the information that was provided above will answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your vacation to lake city with your pet.You are welcome to leave a comment below in which you share your thoughts on how beneficial you found this blog. In addition, we at Trendingcult assist vacationers in planning a more enjoyable getaway and arranging “hassle-free” travel arrangements.


What are the benefits of hotels with pets?
Offering pet-friendly facilities allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Best of all, it may keep you booked all year, even after your area’s tourist season has ended. Another advantage for hotels that provide pet-friendly rooms is that it fosters brand loyalty.
How long can a dog stay in a hotel?
It signifies that pets, usually mainly dogs, are permitted. However, there may be restrictions and daily pet fees to pay the additional cleaning expenses. Before reserving a stay, always contact the hotel to ensure if pet rooms are available and that they can keep it for you.
What does Hotels with Pets mean pet-friendly?
It signifies that pets, usually mainly dogs, are permitted. However, there may be restrictions and daily pet fees to pay the additional cleaning expenses. Before reserving a stay, always contact the hotel to ensure if pet rooms are available and that they can keep it for you.
Can you leave a dog in a dog friendly hotel room?
While pet-friendly hotels embrace them fully, others specifically ask that they not be left alone in a room. Check with the hotel ahead of time to see whether you may leave your pet alone in the room.

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