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Hotels with Kitchens

7 Best Hotels with Kitchens to book for a Homely Experience 

When making travel plans to the UK, there are many things to consider. An indoor pool, possibly? views of the sea? a lavish freestanding bathtub? What about creating hotels with kitchens? Hotels all over the UK have taken it upon themselves to serve guests with their indigenous and seasonal essentials to find more responsibly and organically cultivated goods. The outcome is a delectable and ethical “farm to fork” philosophy that is better for the environment and for people. In light of this, we spotlight some exquisite British hotels with kitchens, ranging from a Jacobean fortress to a quaint Hampshire cottage. You can get the best hotels with full kitchens from Booking.com.

List of the Best Hotels with kitchens

1. The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire

The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire
The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire | Trendingcult

Country estate in Hertfordshire The Grove has established its own “Jemima’s Cooking Garden,” a vibrant haven full of organic produce used by the kitchen crews. The plot, which occupies a portion of the current Walled Garden, includes big trees, vegetables, herbs, and a flow beehive “for honey on tap,” as well as chairs for visitors to sit back and take it all in.

2. Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire

Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire
Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire | Trendingcult

The Victorian-era kitchen garden at this resort proves how well-rounded it has been over the years. In the walled garden, numerous herbs like rosemary and sage are grown together with vegetables like potatoes, courgettes, and rhubarb. Grapes, figs, pears, strawberries, and much more are protected from natural fauna in a Victorian glasshouse. The constantly evolving seasonal food has a big impact on the hotel’s daily menus.

3. Daylesford Organic Farm, Gloucestershire

This 2,500-acre Gloucestershire farm is the perfect place to stay if you have to look for a regenerative surrender with delectable homegrown food and is one of the best hotels with kitchens. It is known for its viable and award-winning organic produce. The Wild Rabbit in Daylesford provides a luxurious dining experience using organic and fresh farm-fresh foods and regional craft producers. Take a hands-on cooking lesson at the Daylesford Cookery School if you don’t mind having your hands dirty. You will get to visit the organic Market Garden, sample farm-fresh cuisine, and prepare it yourself.

4. The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm

The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm
The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm | Trendingcult

The Border Hotel is the ideal place to stay and take pleasure in your British vacation because it is close to Kirk Yetholm’s most well-known attractions. It offers accommodations with satellite-connected TVs and private bathrooms that are furnished with toiletries and is one of the best hotels with kitchens. Every morning, a full English or Irish breakfast is offered.

Booking a villa or apartment is an option for larger traveling groups. These lodging alternatives provide fully functional kitchens where you can make tea and coffee with some meals for your family. On the property, there is also a divided lounge and bar.

5. Ty Dre Town House, Caernarfon

Ty Dre Town House, Caernarfon
Ty Dre Town House, Caernarfon | Trendingcult

Ty Dre Town House Hotel is the place to go if you want to have an opulent experience. This four-star hotel offers features like free parking, free WiFi throughout the resort, and a health club. There is also a garden outside where you may play games with your friends or go for a walk in the evening.

Air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and custom-made furnishings are amenities in every room. A separate kitchen with a teapot, a baker, a fridge, and a dishwasher is also offered.

6. Best Western Annesley House Hotel, Norwich

There are several roomy accommodations at Best Western Annesley House Hotel. It is one of the best hotels with kitchens. In guest rooms, flat-screen TVs, air conditioners, and coffee makers are standard. The largest lodging choice is Garden House, a self-contained apartment with a parlor and a kitchenette.

There is a cafeteria and a bar where you may sample unique beverages, and other drinks are also on-site at this hotel. There is a courtyard where you may spend some time or go for a walk for entertainment and relaxation. There is free parking on the property, making it one of the best hotels with kitchens.

7. Thornbury Castle, Thornbury, Gloucestershire

Thornbury Castle, Thornbury, Gloucestershire
Thornbury Castle, Thornbury, Gloucestershire | Trendingcult

It is only fitting that this medieval hotel has its own kitchen garden given that it is a magnificent Tudor castle bordered by 14 acres of lovely gardens. In fact, you’ll also find a winery and a meadow of wildflowers, being one of the best hotels with kitchens. Head Gardener Kate gives visitors tours of the kitchen garden, followed by afternoon tea, to give them a true sense of the hotel’s homegrown culinary treats.

The Bottom Line

The weather in the UK is generally moderate and damp throughout the year, with neither very hot nor freezing temperatures. It creates ideal circumstances for growing a variety of seasonal vegetables, whether it be in tiny greenhouses on city rooftop terraces or acres of land encircling a country estate home to beekeepers and distilleries. Therefore, people prefer aesthetic hotels with kitchens and gardens. For more information about cheap hotels with kitchens, follow the Trendingcult website. 


What is the purpose of a kitchen in a hotel?
The purpose of the kitchen in a hotel is to provide quality food to its customers. Many hotels provide rooms with private kitchen gardens to provide the best experience to their customers. You can refer to the above article to find the best hotels with full kitchens. 
What is it called when a hotel has a kitchen?
A hotel that has a kitchen is called a kitchenette. It is usually a small cooking area that consists of all small kitchen appliances such as a microwave, electric kettle, oven, and maybe a sink also. 
Can you cook in a hotel kitchen?
Yes, you can cook in a hotel kitchen. There are all the basic home appliances present in hotels with full kitchens to help you prepare food with ease. 
What special requests can you ask for at hotels?
You can request extra hotel amenities, rooms with kitchens, late check-out, rooms with views, and many more. 

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