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best restaurants in florence

Try These Cuisines Known As The Best Restaurants In Florence 

Florence is mostly known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and has a rich history attached to it. But what most people don’t know is that it is also well renowned for its culinary practices. You can’t go learning about the history and culture of a place on an empty stomach or in a mood ruined by eating bad food. You need to find best restaurants in florence with tasty, healthy food that lightens up your mood and helps you in relaxing, and then you can go and learn about the things you are interested in. Here in this article, let us together explore some of the best restaurants in Florence.

Some of the best restaurants in Florence are:

1. La Goistra

La Goistra
La Goistra | trendingcult

Owned by an Austrian prince, this photographed-filled wall restaurant is perfect for normal dinners with friends as well as a romantic candlelight dinner. It is located in Sant’Ambrogio. Don’t forget to visit one of the best restaurants in Florence Italy, and get the Florentine T-bone steak with exquisite wines. It has been rated as excellent by most of the customers.

2. Cibreo

Located in Sant’Ambrogio and focused on a menu of local produce of high quality, do visit this one of the best restaurants in Florence if you want high-quality Florentine Cuisine that will make you give a chef’s kiss. Opened in the 1970s, this restaurant is owned by Fabio Pichi and named after a common stew that Catherine of Medici was said to enjoy. This restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Florence SC. The menu includes starters, first courses, main courses, and desserts. Each with various dishes.

3. Parione

Parione | trendingcult

From among the best restaurants Florence Italy, don’t forget to visit this restaurant, Situated in Santa Maria Novella, for Tuscan and Italian cuisine. A family-friendly and economically feasible restaurant located at the centre of the market is perfectly suited for dining with friends or getting a romantic getaway with your partner. All you need to do to get this amazing experience is head straight to this one from the list of the best restaurants in Florence.

4. Degusteria Italiana agli Uffizi

For a non-native speaker, this name may sound difficult to pronounce, but once you taste the food here, you will search for this name again in Google among the best restaurants in Florence. They give you a modern take on Florentine and Tuscan cuisine and also offer truffle and game, with high-quality wines straight from Italy. Take a look at this restaurant and compare it with your own needs and see if it suits you.

5. Ristorante Santa Elizabetta

A two Michelin star restaurant right at the heart of Florence offers a three-course à la carte menu and a seven and nine-course tasting menu; what else for a food enthusiast? A family-friendly restaurant in the middle of your journey is what you are looking for when you search for the best restaurants in Florence. You will be forced to give the chef’s kiss once you taste the food they serve here. 

6. Calinca Hotel

Calinca Hotel
Calinca Hotel | trendingcult

It is one of the best restaurants in Florence. Located in a hilly area with an ocean in the background, this restaurant gives comforting Caribbean vibes. It is surrounded by lush green trees and has a private pebble beach with free sun loungers. It offers free wifi in the Polynesian-style bungalows to the visitors its village-style setting with the blend of modern architecture makes it a perfect stay for you if you want to relax away from the noise and pollution of the city. 


A place that is famous for its rich culture and history and also offers great food is a must-visit place for any food enthusiast and people of culture. You can’t really get to know about the culinary practices of these great places from unreliable sources that may dupe you for your attention, and you also can’t take the risk of experiencing it on your own for the first time without any first-hand knowledge as it can cost you more than you can anticipate. So, take help from the information we provided you on our platform TrendingCult, and make up your mind about which restaurant you want to choose from among the many Trainline suggested best restaurants in Florence. And don’t forget to enjoy your food while thinking about the Renaissance and the cultural heritage of the place you are in. So pack your backs, book your tickets and enjoy the food of the country that gave us the Renaissance!


How many Michelin-starred restaurants are in Florence?
There are approx 12 Michelin-starred restaurants in Florence, Italy 
What food is Florence famous for?
The food that Florence is famous for is FlornecBistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Beefsteak), most commonly known as Florentine Steak.
What is the most popular food in Florence?
The most famous food in Florence is the local dish Florentine steak, eaten by every class of society.

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