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Cheap holidays to lanzarote
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Cheap Holidays To Lanzarote 

Volcanoes, uniquely shaped rocks, black and red dirt that contrasts with the traditional whitewashed homes, the deep blue sea, and the clear blue sky are all characteristics of Lanzarote. The environment in the easternmost of the Canary Islands also comprises harsh, rolling mountains, stunning white and golden sand beaches, luscious palm groves, and quiet, which is also an intriguing element of the Lanzarote landscape.

The Way To Cheap Holidays To Lanzarote

The island’s bustling tourist resorts and sleepy tiny settlements are part of a biosphere reserve. In the lovely hinterland villages, boutique hotels mix with the huge hotels and bungalows of the beach cities. A complete top-tier selection to provide the greatest vacations in the exceptional climate at any time of year. Professionals and amateurs of all sports have found unbeatable training conditions on this island, along with top-notch facilities and services. TUI provides the best options for cheap holidays to Lanzarote. The top 5 hotels include:

1. Rio Playa Blanca

Rio Playa Blanca
Rio Playa Blanca | Trendingcult

Rio Playa Blanca sets you up with a large pool, grounds covered with palm trees, and a location close to the beach. The hotel is made up of several tiny, chalk-white cottages, which are scattered across the property along with many palm palms. The location of this establishment is excellent; it is close to the sea, and the town’s main strip, where several pubs and restaurants are located, is only a 15-minute walk away. The price range, even during on-season, makes it an ideal inclusion in the places for cheap holidays to Lanzarote list.

2. TUI SUNEO El Trebol

The locations of Bars, restaurants, and three beaches are all within a 15-minute walk from this hotel. These apartments serve as good lodging stops for Lanzarote cheap holidays. They are situated in Costa Teguise’s tranquil suburbs. Despite this, you’re not far from the activity; it just takes a short walk to reach the town’s restaurant-lined coastline. The pool scene is the focal point of the property. The property also has a splash park full of slides, and the little children may play in a few shallower areas.This is the best for cheap holidays to lanzarote. 

3. Paradise Island

Paradise Island
Paradise Island | Trendingcult

Paradise Island has two buffet restaurants on the food front. One serves food worldwide, while the other serves various Asian and Italian meals. The resort also includes four pools and a waterpark with plenty of slides. The popularity of the property is such that there are long lineups for reservations at this location. A few eye-catching amenities include a waterpark with seven slides and a kiddie pool. Also, there are pools, a soft play area, and a small go-kart track. The property has much to offer even after being included as a place for cheap holidays to Lanzarote. 

4. Aqua Suites Lanzarote

The Aqua Suites Lanzarote checks all the necessary boxes for those looking for sun, sea, and sand with a location in the most well-known beach resort on the island. This property can be ideal for cheap Lanzarote holidays. This location is a short distance from Puerto del Carmen’s busy centre. Everything is conveniently close by, with a beach just a 10-minute walk away and an 18-hole golf course only a short drive away. The hotel has an attractive, modern appearance. The outdoor pool is surrounded by structures that resemble sugar cubes, while the restaurant and guest rooms are designed in blue hues reminiscent of the ocean.

5. Los Zocos Impressive Lanzarote

Los Zocos Impressive Lanzarote
Los Zocos Impressive Lanzarote | Trendingcult

The property is less than a 5-minute walk from golden beach and about a minute from the main plaza. This hotel features two pools near the beach, one designed for activity and the other for relaxation, and guests are treated to a kids’ club, magic performances, and mini golf. The buffet restaurant, next to an Italian à la carte, has a section designated particularly for children’s meals. The property is an ideal place to stay on Lanzarote cheap holidays.

Why Visit Lanzarote?

In addition to seeing the volcanic scenery and staying in an economical yet world-class hotel on your cheap holidays to Lanzarote, it also has excellent beaches where you can unwind in the sunlight while lounging on the white or golden sand and cooling down in crystal-clear blue water. Many of the island’s beaches are ideal for younger family members since they are shielded from currents and waves, much like the natural pools that have grown under the shelter of lava flows that, following eruptions, extend as far as the sea.

There are also beaches for those who like the waves and long strolls by the water. It is an ideal place for those who want some peace or who, on the other hand, prefer vibrant beaches and marinas with all the entertainment options, dining options, and stores to round off the ideal day.

Travelling to Lanzarote will present you with some of the nicest beaches in the Canary Islands and an alien-like terrain.

  • Superior beaches

Since the 1970s, the Canary Island of Lanzarote has been in the sun, sea, and sand break industry. It emerged as the traditional beach vacation, one of Europe’s earliest popular vacation spots. After just one glance, you can see that your cheap holidays to Lanzarote are the ideal template for an expensive world-class experience. The principal resorts of Playa de Los Pocillos, Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen, and Playa Blanca are surrounded by long ribbons of sand, and the coasts of these locations are ideal for water sports.

  • The lunar surface

Outside of the shore, Lanzarote has a distinctive scenery. To save the island, UNESCO designated it as a World Biosphere Reserve. You might be excused for believing you were on the moon’s surface if you were amid the island’s interior’s silver mountain peaks and black rock formations. Timanfaya National Park’s scenery is very noteworthy. It is known as the Fire Mountains and is dotted with the craters of over a hundred volcanoes. This will be a unique out-of-the-world experience on your cheap holidays to Lanzarote. 


A trip to Lanzarote is incomplete without the beaches, the food, the stay, and the eccentric constructions of Cesar Manrique spread throughout the island. It is all available to you at a price that seems like a bargain. TUI can hook you up with the ideal options on the island, and Trending Cult provides you with more information. 


Is Lanzarote a good place to go on holiday?
It is an ideal place to visit if you like beaches and water sports. The islands are quiet and serene and give a very disconnected from-the-world experience.
Is Lanzarote cheap 2023?
It is very easy to plan cheap holidays to Lanzarote as the venue is easily accessible and the properties offer to stay at low costs. Thus, if you plan to have a holiday on a budget, this is the ideal place, and TUI can help you greatly in this context.
How long can you spend in Lanzarote?
It is up to you to decide your duration of stay, but a 15 to 18 days stay is preferred in Lanzarote. However, it may depend on your budget and your free time while planning for cheap Lanzarote holidays.

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