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Galentine’s Day

Revive Female Friendships This Galentine’s Day For An Everlasting Bond

Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? Should you celebrate it? Of course, yes. Why? Because it’s the day when women celebrate women in their lives. This is the day to celebrate your female bonds and cherish them. When you think of the number of women in your life who love you unconditionally or have supported you in tough times, how many do you count? One, two or three? Don’t you think those precious persons and your bond with them need to be celebrated? And if you have many on the list, girl, you’re very lucky! It is the best day to celebrate them and the special bond you share with them.

What is Galentine’s day?

It is an unofficial day where ladies celebrate ladies. It’s the antithesis of Valentine’s Day historically, however, every lady having any relationship status can celebrate this historic day. It’s all about celebrating female bonds, big hearts and pink colours everywhere. This day is especially to celebrate the women in your life, and embrace female bonds. Your mother, grandmother, sister, or friends who played an important role in your life.

When is it celebrated?

Every year, it is celebrated on February 13th, which is one day earlier than Valentine’s Day. The whole idea is to celebrate female friendships and bonds on a special day without being concerned about whether someone is single or committed. It’s beyond mere relationship status. It’s just pure love of women for women. How it all started is much more interesting to know, so get along!

History of Galentine’s day

It is a holiday that celebrates female friendship. It was first introduced in the TV show “Parks and Recreation” in 2010 by the character Leslie Knope. The holiday is celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, and is a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends. The word “Galentine” is a blend of Valentine’s Day and gal.

The idea behind this is to celebrate the love and support that women have for each other. It’s a day to appreciate the friendships that women have and to show gratitude for the role that these friendships play in their lives. The holiday has become a way for women to come together and celebrate their friendships, whether they are single or in a relationship.

This occasion has gained popularity over the years, and many people celebrate it by having brunch, exchanging gifts, and spending time with their female friends. Some people even use the holiday as an opportunity to give back to their communities by volunteering or donating to charity.

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day?

Here are some suggestions for making your party unforgettable:

1. Host a Party

Invite your lady friends over for a fun and creative party. You can decorate your home with a DIY Galentine banner, make personalised coasters, and take silly photos with your female friends using a DIY heart photo backdrop.

2. Organise a Picnic

Many times it happens that we make plans with friends to meet at a party or hang out somewhere, but the plan gets cancelled at the end. Does this happen to you a lot? Are you the one who is always unavailable to go anywhere? Well, you can surprise your friends this February 13th by planning a picnic and actually attending it this time. You’ll have a great time!

3. Virtual Lunch Session

If you’re far away from your dear friends and can’t catch up this year, a virtual lunch session is a great idea for the day. You may order or prepare the food as you like. Then set the table, meet up with friends at a definite time online and share your thoughts and major life events over the call while having a delicious meal. It will be super fun!

4. Have a photoshoot

It’s one of the best ideas here! Which girl doesn’t like her own photoshoot? We literally get the perfect makeup, set our clothes, and set every strand of our hair to get the best picture at a party. And still, sometimes you are not happy with the pictures. Now, this is the day ladies and there’s no hurry at all! Take out your camera, get ready in your best outfits and take as many photos as you wish.

5. Go for a movie night

This is a brilliant idea as well. When was the last time you went to a movie with your girlfriends or your mom? Book your tickets for a perfect rom-com or horror comedy however you like and spend your Galentine’s night relaxing and having the best time with your loved ones!

6. Galentine’s Day dinner

It’s not necessary to always go on a dinner date with your boyfriend or husband. Your girlfriends can also be your companions to a dinner that’s more than a one-time meal. It will be a memorable night, where you share memories with each bite, laugh a little extra and have a great time out of your busy schedules. So, take a little time at Galentine’s night and meet your friends you haven’t seen for long.

Galentine’s Day craft ideas

Heart Balloons

Inflate a bunch of regular white balloons and decorate them with hearts cut out of red tissue paper to create a balloon bouquet perfect to give to a friend this day.

Send Cards

Send cute DIY  cards to all your close female friends on February 13th. You can also surprise your best friend with a DIY jewellery holder.

Galentine’s Day outfits

It’s a day where women celebrate women. So, you can wear anything according to your mood and just celebrate. We have several outfits for women which include:

Cute Dress

Choose a cute, flirty dress in a vibrant colour or a playful pattern. Dresses are a classic choice and can be both comfortable and stylish.

Matching Outfits

Coordinate outfits with your friends for a fun and cohesive look. This could involve wearing similar colours or even matching clothing items.

Statement Top with Jeans or Skirt

Pair a stylish statement top with jeans or a skirt. This combination allows you to express your personal style while staying comfortable.

Jumpsuit or Romper

A jumpsuit or romper is a chic and easy-to-wear option. Choose one in a bold colour or with a unique pattern to make a statement.

Bold Colours

Enjoy the holiday by wearing bold and bright colours like red, pink, or purple. These colours are associated with love and celebration.

Skirt with Sweater

Pair a cute skirt with a cosy sweater for a sweet and stylish combination. This works well for both casual and slightly dressier occasions.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are always a good choice. A floral dress or top can bring a touch of femininity to your look.

Galentine’s Day party ideas

1. Brunch Party

You can organise a brunch party with your friends and decorate your walls with paper plates.

2. Surprise Your Friends

You can surprise your female best friends at your party with their own personalised gold leather heart coaster with their name written with a pale pink marker for a cute party favour that guests can take home with them.

3. Fries Before Guys

Try this hilarious activity of making this fries box. Give each woman attending your party a box of French fries named “Fries before guys” which you may fill with real French fries or long sticks of shortbread cookies sliced to resemble French fries.

Galentine’s Day decoration ideas

  1. Happy Galentines, Gals Balloons: These balloons are a fun and festive way to decorate your space.
  2. Sparkle and Shine Garland: This garland is perfect for adding a touch of pink to your celebration.
  3. Be My Galentine Banner: This banner is a cute way to ask your friends to be your Galentine.
  4. Heart Eyes Foil Balloon: This adorable balloon will add a touch of whimsy to your celebration.

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We celebrate Friendship Day and Valentine’s Day but there’s a special day for celebrating female friendships- that’s Galentine’s Day and it’s a holiday, unofficial though. If you didn’t have time earlier to embrace your friendship with your best friend or sister who was always there when you needed them, or your mom whose love is pure and eternal, celebrating with them will be the best way to thank them for their support and love. So, take time and plan something this February 13th with the lovely women in your life and fill the day with unforgettable memories! Wish you a very happy Galentine’s Day 2024 in advance. And all the best with your preparations!


What is the meaning of Galentine's day?
Galentine’s is made from the combination of the words “Valentine’s” and “gals”. It simply means to celebrate female relations.
Is Galentine's Day for singles?
It is celebrated by women for women no matter what their relationship status is. So, whether you’re single, married, or in a relationship, you can celebrate this day.
Is Galentines Day only for girls?
While it was traditionally for only girls, over the years many women have included their male friends also in the celebration, hence, you can celebrate it, with anyone, you want.

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