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Discover The Best Budget Friendly Hotels In Mauritius 

Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean. The scenic beauty of Mauritius attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is an excellent travel destination for your vacation tour. Mauritius is more crowded in the summer. The island holds some of the best luxurious accommodations in the world. The hotels in Mauritius offer you a comfortable stay with all the basic and luxurious amenities. You can find all the luxuries in the best hotels in Mauritius. With many hotels for you to choose from, this article will help you choose the best one for your needs and preferences.

Here is a list of 5 best hotels in Mauritius:

1. Long Beach –  A Sun Resort

Long Beach -  A Sun Resort
Long Beach –  A Sun Resort | Trendingcult

Long Beach is a popular resort in Mauritius. The rooms in this resort face towards the beach, providing you with warm comfort. It is a popular resort among tourists who love the sea and beaches. The view it offers is unimaginable as the service it provides. Long Beach, one of the popular hotels in Mauritius, provides various facilities such as an infinity pool, air-conditioned rooms, WiFi, and so on. The staff at the 24/7 help desk will be present anytime to fulfill your needs regarding your stay. This hotel has two floors and 255 rooms. It has three luxurious bars and four restaurants. The restaurants serve multiple cuisines and A La Carte dining. The health and beauty facilities include services like Long Beach Spa, Gym, massages, yoga, pedicure, manicure, and various other beauty treatments. Long Beach is one of the best hotels in Mauritius situated on the East Coast of Mauritius. The hotel’s proximity is a 1.3 km long white sand beach, and the resort is just a 60-minute drive from the Mauritius Airport.

2. LUX – Belle Mare

LUX - Belle Mare
LUX – Belle Mare | Trendingcult

LUX is one of the best 5 star hotels in Mauritius. Located on the east of the island, Lux is surrounded by gardens and beaches. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities like a spa, swimming pools, entertainment activities, and much more. The hotel’s luxury suites and villas have private pools and the rooms are comfortable and huge. The rooms in Lux are decorated impeccably with modern furnishing and have facilities like air-conditioning, TV, and WiFi. Lux contains eight restaurants and bars with delicious food and drinks. The spa and fitness center are the common features available in this hotel. There is a tennis lawn in this hotel and the hotel also provides water sports for enjoying your stay. It has a kids’ club with lots of fun activities for them to indulge in. Since the hotel is situated right on Belle Mare Beach, it is feasible for you to get all the cool things on the island. 

3. Ambre Resort & Spa

Ambre Resort & Spa
Ambre Resort & Spa | Trendingcult

Ambre Resort, one of the best hotels in Mauritius, is a luxury hotel containing three floors and 297 rooms. The hotel establishment provides a range of delicious culinary choices, featuring an array of international meals at various restaurants and bars. In addition, guests may engage in plenty of activities, including water sports, tennis, and fitness, all within the premises. A visit to the spa promises relaxation with its diverse collection of therapies and treatments. The hotel provides a splendid opportunity to bask in the beach’s beauty and look at the coral reefs and other aquatic wildlife. For the explorative ones wishing to experience the local attractions, the hotel makes arrangements for thrilling tours around the island.

4. Zilwa Attitude

Zilwa Attitude
Zilwa Attitude | Trendingcult

Zilwa Attitude, situated on the northern coast, is one of the best hotels in Mauritius. The Zilwa Attitude Hotel boasts 244 rooms, including suites and family suites, containing modern furnishings, air conditioning, a lot of television channels, and WiFi. The incorporation of vibrant colorings and indigenous decoration plants a unique island ambiance throughout the premises. The hotel boasts seven dining facilities and bars that cater to guests seeking international and regional culinary experiences while gazing out onto the splendid beauty of the Indian Ocean. The resort also includes four swimming pools, a fitness facility, and a spa center. The hotel also provides facilities for adventurous water games, and refreshing excursions to explore the island’s natural spectacles.

5. SALT of Palmar – The Grand Mauritian Hotel

SALT of Palmar - The Grand Mauritian Hotel
SALT of Palmar – The Grand Mauritian Hotel | Trendingcult

SALT is a sustainable and eco-friendly property that has been designed to have a low impact on the environment. By utilizing regionally and organically produced materials, the hotel taps into sustainable energy resources like solar power, the property can lower its ecological impact. Further underlining its commitment to environmental responsibility is the hotel’s fine dining venue, Salt, which grants guests a sublime farm-to-table culinary affair, featuring locally sourced and produced seafood. Therefore, guests can enjoy delicious, fresh dishes that are sustainably acquired and prepared. The Grand Mauritian Hotel represents a convincing case study of how companies are capable of balancing environmental awareness with top-notch hospitality. The Grand Mauritian hotel also provides all the facilities that the other hotels in Mauritia provide. It is so popular for its features and its commitment to a sustainable environment. 


In conclusion, the hotels in Mauritius provide views to gaze at the scenic beauty of the beach with the constant therapeutic wave sounds. The hotels in Mauritius are responsible for an eco-friendly environment and provide top-class hospitality. If you are looking to book your stay in Mauritius, there are even more alluring accommodations. To know more about them, visit TUI and TrendingCult.


What do you need to know before going to Mauritius?
Before going to Mauritius, you must know about the geography of the place, the accommodations offered, and the places to explore.
How many hotels are there in Mauritius?
There are roughly 150 hotels on the island of Mauritius. 
What is the best part to stay in Mauritius?
Mauritius is a tropical paradise. Staying at any part of the island will leave you wonderstruck. 



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