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Instagrammable Places In Finland

8 Must Visit Instagrammable Places In Finland

If you’re seeking the most instagrammable sites to visit in Finland—the country with the highest level of happiness—you’ve come to the best. Finland is home to numerous breathtaking sights, many of which are Instagram-worthy. Such locations need to be eye-catching, distinctive, and above all, simple to photograph—while making sure you can fit yourself into the shot. As we’ve discovered some well-known and lesser-known spots for photos that will excel every time, you don’t need to wander the city to find instagrammable places in Finland.

The list includes several locations, including structures and statues, a well-liked bathhouse, a museum, and an island. Some of these places are famous, while others are just unbelievably beautiful. Discover the most instagrammable places in Finland in the below article. If you are planning your trip to Finland, we recommend you to check out the best hotel deal at Agoda.

8 Best Instagrammable Places in Finland to have Fun and Create Memories of a Lifetime

1. Huvilakatu

Ullanlinna’sHuvilakatu is the ideal site for filming and one of the best instagrammable places in Finland. These images will stand out on your Instagram account for sure. The street is well-known for its bright apartment buildings that date back to the early 1900s. Their facades are adorned with exquisite embellishments like bay windows, tower roofs, and tiny balconies. If you’re in the right spot on the street, you can include at least six distinct colored building facades in your picture. You can also choose to have just one piece of furniture or a street name sign as your background.

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2. Linnanmäki Fair

Linnanmäki Fair
Linnanmäki Fair | Trendingcult

The oldest and most well-liked amusement park in Finland is Linnanmäki, where you may engage in a variety of outdoor pursuits. After World War II, this wonderful place was constructed to give kids a childhood. It features numerous rides of all sizes and sorts, and among all Nordic amusement parks, Linnanmäki has the best number of rides relative to the number of visitors. Arcades, sports, booths, eateries, and an outdoor stage where different musicians and entertainers perform throughout the summer are some of the other key attractions. The park welcomes more than a million people annually and is open from April through October. Finland’s Linnanmaki Fair is a well-liked destination.

3. Ruka

Ruka | Trendingcult

Ruka has one of the most well-known ski resorts in the nation, and is a fell in northern Finland. Ruka is full of scenic locations, but the best shots may be taken from the top of the fell while gazing over the snow-covered woods or capturing the never-setting sun.

4. Levi igloos

Levi igloos
Levi igloos | Trendingcult

When visiting Lapland, stay at one of the Levi igloos, which are close to a very renowned ski resort. Igloos provide a special opportunity to view and photograph the northern lights throughout the winter months while being warm and cozy inside.

5. Streets of Sofiankatu and Katariinankatu

Streets of Sofiankatu and Katariinankatu
Streets of Sofiankatu and Katariinankatu | Trendingcult

These are two random streets situated between two buildings and hoist vibrant flags in a zigzag pattern near Senate Square. You may get a very sick photo if you time it and capture it before or after the ominous reflections of the buildings cast on the roadway!

Along this narrow roadway, rows of vibrant flags are strung in a zigzag pattern, giving the area a festive feel. Only two streets in the city have decorations like this, the other being Sofiankatu, a nearby street. These streets are one of the best instagrammable places in Finland.

6. Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral
Uspenski Cathedral | Trendingcult

Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinkiwas built during the Russian occupation of Finland in the 1860s. The cathedral is believed to be the biggest Orthodox church in Western Europe and serves as the primary cathedral of the Finnish Orthodox Church in the province of Helsinki. It’s free to visit the cathedral made of red brick and turquoise domes. You can take some beautiful Instagram pictures just pointing up at the ceiling.

7. Karigasniemi, Utsjoki

Karigasniemi, Utsjoki
Karigasniemi, Utsjoki | Trendingcult

Many people refer to the highway that follows the Teno River from Utsjoki to Karigasniemi as one of the most instagrammable places in Finland. Every hill and outlook appears to be competing with the one before it. All of the landmarks along this route are the revered Ailigas fells. Do yourself a favor and park at the KarigasniemiAiligas fell’s base before making the ascent. It’s worth the effort to take a selfie with what appears to be the entire planet behind you.

8. Jugenstil and the Eira District

Eir is a neighborhood centered on a hospital with the Norse goddess of healing and is one of the best instagrammable places in Finland. It is full of vibrant Finnish Jugendstil villas with peasant patterns drawn from national romanticism and miniature castle towers. Take in the architecture, then wander along Kapteeninkatu past the Sea Horse, a popular spot for authors and intellectuals. Your path to the Design Museum is lined with inviting cafés and shops that specialize in design.

The Bottom Line

Finland is at its finest in the very cold, cold weather or the balmy, occasionally hot, summers. An Instagram aficionado who enjoys the outdoors will find plenty of beautiful landscapes to photograph. Travel to Lapland in the far north and enjoy the stunning views from the fells while breathing in the pure air and the peace of the unspoiled landscape. Make your trip memorable with the help of the above top instagrammable places in Finland and enjoy clicking aesthetic shots. For more such travel updates, follow the Trendingcult website.


Where is the best place to live in Finland?
Finland has many beautiful locations and lively cities to live in. Many options in Finland are worth your attention such as Helsinki, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Espoo, Tampere, Savonlinna, and Turku.
What are five popular tourist attractions in Finland?
The five most popular tourist attractions in Finland are Helsinki, Lapland, Espoo, Savonlinna, and Rovaniemi. You can also refer to the top instagrammable places in Finland mentioned in the above article.
What is Finland's most popular city?
Finland is full of popular cities. There are many tourist attractions in Finland namely Helsinki, Kuopio, Jyvaskyla, Lappeenranta, Vantaa, Porvoo, Rauma, Kouvola, Tornio, Kotka, Forssa, and many more. 


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