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The Comfort Of Carrying A Mini Belt Bag For All Your Essentials On The Go

At times when you go grocery shopping or meet your friends, carrying essential stuff like money, a phone, your favourite lip balm, sunscreen and a few other things is quite obvious. But what about keeping them conveniently? You may think of carrying your normal bag or purse but let’s be real, they are a burden in themselves. You have to carry them in your hands or on your shoulder throughout. That’s where the mini belt bag enters! They’re super trendy these days. Mini belt bags enable you to keep all your essential stuff handy while also offering you the convenience of carrying them tied to your body. These bags are popularly worn on the waist or cross-body. 

Let’s tell you a few more features of mini bags and why you should get them.

Why Belt Bags Are A Go-To-Choice?

They are convenient!

A mini belt bag is very convenient for all the right reasons! These bags allow you to carry important things that can usually fit in their compact size. Carrying these bags offers a hand-free convenience so you can travel, shop and eat without any hindrances or feeling the pressure of carrying a bag in one hand. 

They’re very durable!

Any mini belt bag built with good quality material is quite durable too! Not just because of that but otherwise too they’re very durable since they keep close to you instead of getting in direct contact with wear and tear factors.

They are quite trendy!

What’s trendy must also be worth it, we agree and that’s why we say: get a mini belt bag for yourself today! They are very much in trend these days and have become a style statement for the current generation 

They’re versatile!

These bags are very very versatile. They can be worn in multiple ways and are suitable for every outfit. Wear them with a cute dress or your usual shorts and t-shirt. You can find them in millions of unique designs and patterns to match your style and your outfits!

Ways to carry a belt bag

  • Around your waist- the simplest and original way to carry belt bags is by tying them around your waist. This offers you the great convenience of reaching out to the bag and taking out any essentials you want on the go without much effort.
  • Crossbody style- a classy way to carry a belt bag is around the body like you wear a crossbody bag, this gives a chic and stylish touch to your look. Again this style offers quite a lot of convenience to take your essentials out as and when needed.
  • On the shoulders- If you want to stay lowkey or are in a hurry, you may also throw a belt bag over your shoulders and you’re good to go. That’s a traditional and the easiest way to take your belt bag with you.

Top Belt Bag Choices For You

1. Mini Belt Bag- Lunar Gray

Mini Belt Bag- Lunar Gray
Mini Belt Bag- Lunar Gray | trendingcult

We absolutely are in love with this vintage mini belt bag that also looks so classy at first look. The classic lunar grey colour adds a touch of sophistication to the bag. The plain pattern of this mini bag makes it suitable to go with any outfit you wish to wear.  The front zip pocket and a back slip pocket make it very convenient. You can easily find your stuff in this compact-sized bag. Also, the ripstop fabric makes this bag more durable and resistant to tearing apart easily. You should get this one to add to your bag collection.

Get it today.

2. Mini Belt Bag- Hydrangea Pink

This belt bag comes with a cross-stitch pattern and is made with performance twill. This automatically makes this bag solid and long-lasting. The three card slips inside the bag make the bag more organised to keep your stuff. There is also a ribbon loop inside specially for keeping your keys. The bag looks so pretty from the outside with that quilted base. It’s honestly so easy to carry and use every day.

Buy now!

3. Disney Mini Belt Bag- Belle’s Friends

Disney Mini Belt Bag- Belle's Friends
Disney Mini Belt Bag- Belle’s Friends | trendingcult

If you’re a Disney fan, this bag will probably excite you even more. Even if you aren’t, its cuteness will force you to buy this one right away. The Disney logo outline quilting all over the exterior of the bag has us diving into nostalgia every time we see it. The inside of the bag has Minnie Mouse printed all over it to bring back all those childhood memories. You get this bag with a zip closure, a front zip pocket and a back slip pocket for added functionality and comfort.

Order today!

4. Mini Belt Bag- Magnifique Leaf

Mini Belt Bag- Magnifique Leaf
Mini Belt Bag- Magnifique Leaf | trendingcult

If you are a fan of clear or transparent bags, this one should be on your wishlist. This bag is very lightweight and comfortable to carry! This one is built with high-quality material and comes with an adjustable strap. The inside of the bag lacks pockets and card slips but has a ribbon loop for keys. When you carry this bag around on your waist or crossbody style, it draws quite some attention. You can flaunt your mobile case and that makeup kit by keeping them in this bag along with keeping your other essentials in it.

Click here to buy!


Belt bags are in and ruling the fashion charts! They have become an essential for every woman just like a sling bag or a tote bag. A designer mini belt bag is such a convenient addition to your wardrobe that once you start carrying it, you will never go back to your shoulder bags or wallets. They offer great comfort and convenience without making you feel the need to carry them around in your hands all the time. Vera Bradley has this amazing collection of belt bags which you must check out to upgrade your bag collection!

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How is a mini belt bag different from other bags?
Mini belted bags are different from others because they are compact, easy to carry and can be worn around the body. They offer great functionality and convenience.
Can a belt bag be worn in a crossbody style?
Yes, a belt bag can be worn in a crossbody style as this kind of bag is also very similar to crossbody bags.
Where to find the best mini-sized belt bag?
Vera Bradley has an amazing collection of belt bags for women. The quality and the designs of their bags make you want to purchase them in an instant.

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