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Flaunt Your Style Game With The Most Stylish Women’s Tops This Summer

In the era of constantly changing fashion preferences, girls and women ought to keep up with what’s trending and making those heads turn! These days, so much variety in stylish women’s tops is available that we often get confused about what to buy and what to let go. In situations like these, getting yourself what remains quintessential through the years is always recommended. Women’s stylish tank tops are always in trend no matter what the weather and what season it is. If you want to explore and get familiar with these top styles and designs that are easily customisable and fit almost every occasion and season, read this blog to know it all.

Types of Stylish Women’s Tops

Tank tops

We bet that every woman must have owned a tank top at some point in their life. Tank tops are the most classic category of women’s tops that never leaves the trend list. They are a timeless piece of clothing that also fits the category of being extremely functional. They can honestly be worn with any kind of lower. Jeans, cargo pants, skirts, leggings, or shorts, you name it and a tank top perfectly complements each one of these. They are also very convenient to wear under jackets, shrugs, cardigans or blazers for a great layered look, especially in cold weather.

Halter tops

Halter neck tops are one of the most gorgeous styles when we talk about stylish women’s tops. These tops exude elegance and enhance your beauty! This kind of top effortlessly draws attention towards your shoulders and neck. You get to flaunt your collarbones when you wear a halter top! They’re a perfect blend of sexy and modesty. They are pretty fit to wear at parties, dates and formal events. Halter neck tops are also very style-friendly and comfortable to carry.

Cutout tops

Cutout tops easily draw attention towards the areas where the cutout is placed. There are tops with beautiful keyhole designs at the neckline or on the shoulders. Then we also get to witness stylish women’s tops with symmetrical cutouts at both the shoulders or a unique cutout at just one shoulder. Choosing cutout tops that have a cutout on only one shoulder is recommended so that it doesn’t make your shoulders look too wide. These cutouts could also be placed near the waist or a little below the waist.

V-neck tops

V-neck tops are truly very stylish and comfortable! V-neck tops give an elongated look to your upper body, especially your neck and make it appear even wider. This kind of top also makes your face appear more slender and well-defined. V-necks are mostly suitable for almost every body type but apple-shaped or small-sized women look even more attractive in these stylish women’s tops.

Tube tops

Tube tops have been on the list of chic fashion for a long time. Tube tops actually resemble a tube as they only cover your bust and back by eliminating covering arms and shoulders. These tops are perfect for when you want to go sleeveless and flaunt your neck, shoulders and collarbones! Layering works like wonder with tube tops. They are ideal for wearing under denim jackets and shrugs. They also serve as outerwear over your shirts or warmers.

Top Trending Women’s Stylish Tops

1. So Sexy Halter Top

So Sexy Halter Top
So Sexy Halter Top | Trendingcult

Halter tops are our absolute favourite! And we just added this Halter Top from Boston Proper’s So Sexy collection to our wishlist. This top is curated in such a way that gives it a sophisticated look. Your style statement can go a level up when you pair this top with a body-fit skirt or flare pants and some statement jewellery. This top looks so elegant with that square neckline and halter straps. Truly enabling you to flaunt your shoulders. These stylish women’s tops are also available in extra extra-small to extra-large sizes. Buy today!

2. So Sexy Flare Sleeve V Neck Top

Adding next to this list is this V-neck top that has a wide neckline and beautiful three-quarter flare sleeves to add to the style game. The top has a close boy fit giving you a nice silhouette for your upper body. Cotton fabric has been used to curate this beautiful top that is a must-add to your closet. This stylish top can be a perfect pick to wear at parties, meetups or even a date night. You can wear this top with flare pants, a formal skirt or your regular jeans.

3. So Sexy Cutout Top

So Sexy Cutout Top
So Sexy Cutout Top | Trendingcult

We love that cute cutout on one shoulder of this top from Boston Proper. The combination of cutout and cold shoulder has taken the dramatic quotient of this top a notch higher. The So Sexy Cutout Top has three-fourth sleeves to make it appear even more ravishing. This top is crafted from luxe stretch cotton which gives you a comfortable and soft fit. It gives so many styling options as you can pair it with any kind of jeans, skorts or flare pants. Check it out and shop today!

4. So Sexy High Neck Tank Knit Top

How can we even forget this tank top from Boston Proper’s collection? The tank top is so simple and elegant. You get to wear it with anything you like. Wear it as it is with jeans, shorts or skirts or add a layer of jacket, shrug or a stole along with some accessories. This high-neck knit tank top looks like a perfect option to style your outfits in any season. The top is available in multiple colors and sizes so none of you have to worry about that! Just order these tank tops and showcase your versatile styling game! Order now.


Getting stylish women’s tops for yourself is self-care! Not to mention the vast styling opportunities you get when you buy tops that remain classic! Women’s fashion trends keep changing every now and then. That’s where the tops that remain timeless enter! They look ever so stylish and gorgeous no matter when and where you wear them. Such fashionable pieces like tank tops and halter necks are amongst the top preferences of women who choose to get comfort and style both in the same garment. If you want to uplevel your wardrobe with such trendy pieces, check out the So Sexy collection of Boston Proper.

Trendingcult will keep bringing you more interesting blogs on the latest trends and styles, so keep following!


What are the most stylish women’s tops?
There are so many styles that always keep trending when we think about women’s tops. There are cold shoulder tops, stylish women’s fleece tops, crop tops, flare tops, halter tops and cami tops.
What kinds of women’s tops never go out of style?
Tank tops, crop tops, halter neck tops, tube tops and cami tops are a few kinds of stylish women’s tops that never go out of style.
How can I style a tank top in other ways?
Women’s tank tops can be styled with any kind of bottoms, accessories and upper layering. You can combine a tank top with flared denim jeans and a denim jacket with white sneakers. You can also try wearing a tank top with shorts and a sheer printed shrug.









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