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The Ultimate Visual Companion: Embrace the World of the Video Player

Video players and CD players have always remained a classic. They have a fanbase for almost a century. What were video players like in the golden olden days? The difference between video players before and now is that in the past video players were all hardware based. At the same time, in the present it is now all software based and their many applications are now being run in browsers, phones, tablets, and computers. But when the software was not established much digital video-based content and music was being run by media players or video players. A video player during those times was an electronic device designed for the storage, playback, and viewing of videos. But we have good news for all the vintage lovers as there are hardware-based video and CD players today but with major and innovative changes. Today we are going to take a dive into some of these classic CD and video players.

Let us take a look at some of these iconic CD players from Komputronik.

1. TEAC AD-850-SE 

TEAC AD-850-SE | trendingcult

The TEAC AD-850-SE is one most adaptable players that come with a tape recorder and a CD player. The communication type of this video player is wired with a power consumption of 13 W. It has various connectors like 1 USB, 1 audio input, 1 microphone input, and 1 audio output. The built-in microphone input jack is located in the front of the device which gives you the ability to record yourself with a microphone that is connected to the device. The device accompanies with itself an echo effect which can be added to the sound from the microphone connected to this device. With this effect and AD-850-SE, you can enjoy karaoke with your friends and family. The CD player can play CD-R/RW discs containing MP3 files. External input devices can also be recorded in this CD player like USB flash drives.

2. Lenco DVP-1210

One of the most reasonable CD and DVD players, Lenco DVP -1210 has supported disc formats such as CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD-RW meaning it plays both MP3 songs and video as well. This is a video player that supports .mpeg video files as well as mp3 songs. It even comes with an LCD display and a memory card reader. Its dimension varies with width at 311mm and height at 45mm and depth at 216mm.  You will enjoy this product as it also comes with powerful loudspeakers to blast on full volume while you are practising Zumba at your house! Lenco DVP-1210 is the way to go

3. Lenco DVP-1045

Lenco DVP-1045
Lenco DVP-1045 | trendingcult

Almost similar to Lenco DVP-1210, this product plays both audio and video. It also supports CD-MP3, CD-R, and DVD-R. It comes with an LCD display just like Lenco and accompanies with itself a memory card reader too. It comes with headphones and measures 249 mm in width and 184 mm in height. If you are someone who enjoys music with video then this is the product to go!

4. Ferguson Regent DVD-1000k

This DVD player plays both audio and video files. It is a video player that also supports mp3 files. Ferguson Regent DVD-1000k communication type is wired. The number of channels it supports is 5.1. This video player can also be used as a karaoke machine to sing your heart out at a family function or when you are having a gala time with your friends. Along with these features, this set also has a built-in Dolby Digital codec and also supports SDCARD and USB. Its menu languages include Polish, English, German, Italian, and  French. To add to this it also supports subtitles. 

5. Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player UBP-X500

Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player UBP-X500
Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player UBP-X500 | trendingcult

This is one of the best products that Komputronik has to offer. With a 4k Ultra HD-Bluray player, this video player has advanced surround sound and colourful and vibrant HDR images which will attract you with its visuals immediately giving you a remarkable visual experience. It also has high-resolution audio so you can get an incredible sound experience with this product. The new BT.2020 colour gives you wider access to a new palette of colours, unlike your TV. The delivery of vibrant colours from deep blue to intense red is something that your eyes will be provided with a visual treat. 



You can buy these video players at Komputronik at affordable prices as it is one of the most trusted online sites to buy electronics from. It is trusted by customers because of the unique range they provide under all of their categories. Whether it is laptops and computers, gaming, household appliances, or office supplies in Komputronik we trust always. So head to Trendingcult now to know more about this amazing site.


Which video player can play any video?
Windows Media player is a video player that can support any type of video. Along with this VLC media player also supports video files of many types.
How do I use a video media player?
With a media player, you can play music, photos, and movies on your television.  With the use of an HDMI cable, connect it to your TV to play files from a USB flash drive, memory card, or external hard drive.
Where are VLC profiles stored?
VLC media player profiles are stored in various locations depending on the operating system. Windows, macOS, and Linux profiles are stored in %APPDATA%\vlc\, ~/Library/Application Support/org. Videolan.vlc/, and ~/Library/Application Support/VLC/, respectively. Profiles can be changed through advanced settings in VLC, and manually modified profiles may be stored in a different directory.

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