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Vintage Playing Cards

Vintage Playing Cards for Making the Best of Your Leisure Time

Cards, including vintage playing cards, are amazing when it comes to indoor games. They carry a long history of how they have evolved in society as a fund game. They are something that a group of people can enjoy together. They have been fun entertaining sources for many centuries and transcending beyond the traditional way of using cards for gambling. They hold a unique charm that captivates the interest of many people.

Interestingly playing cards were said to have been first discovered around the 1370s. Mostly rumored that it might have been imports or possessions of merchants. Whatever the history might be one thing is for sure it has changed the way we spend our leisure time. Apart from indoor games playing cards are also used in a variety of games such as:

  • Poker
  • Trick-taking game
  • Rummy
  • Blackjack
  • Cribbage
  • Tarot Card games
  • Patience

Types of games you can play vintage playing cards

Some of these different types of games and creative things to do with vintage playing cards are:

  1. Engage in Card Games: Whether you are having a house party, family dinner, birthday party, or family gathering one of the interesting things that you can do is incorporate everyone in a card game. It can be an engaging and innovative thing to do with everyone.
  2. Engage in Board Games: If you are not new to board games then you know what a playing card can do. With vintage playing cards, you can play indoor games such as Monopoly Deal, A Ticket to Ride, or Risk. This is a fun game for adults and for teenagers.
  3. Learn the Card Tricks: The cards are widely known for doing different types of card tricks. You can learn a few tricks with the cards which are fun to show off to your friends. Individuals who are interested in card tricks can learn new card tricks online as well. It can be a fun thing to do in your leisure time.
  4. Engage in Drinking Games: Not for frequently drinking purposes but you can always find a way to bring in your best friends on special days such as birthday parties and play drinking games like Kings, Ring of Fire, or Drunkard.
  5. Storytelling: One of the creative ways to keep your children engaged at home is by using vintage playing cards to tell creative bedtime stories. The deck of cards often has different characters which could be used to create a story or to tell a story.
  6. Using Cards as an Educational tool: You may never know but vintage playing cards are great for utilizing as an educational tool. Subjects like Maths and English are great for incorporating cards into learning to teach children in an interesting way.

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Different types of Vintages playing cards

1. Vintage Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter Playing Cards

Vintage Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter Playing Cards
Vintage Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter Playing Cards | Trendingcult

Made with a good quality customised vintage playing card is a fantastic tool for playing different kinds of games. The advantage of playing with this Vintage Alice in Wonderland card is that you can easily use the card for playing different types of games. The set of decks comes with interesting photos, text sizes, and designs.

Made with quality material all the cards are easy to shuffle, easy to stock, and smooth to handle. Hence, this elegant custom Zazzle cardboard box can be a nice gift as well.

2. Modern Family Vintage Surfer Van Summer Vacation

The Modern Family Vintage Surfer is one of the simplest vintage playing cards. If you are playing to have a nice collection of durable playing cards you cannot miss out on this. The deck has 52 cards and two 2 jokers per deck. Zazzle has made sure to ensure the highest quality which makes this Modern Family Vintage playing card an exceptional choice.

The compact design makes it even more suitable to carry with you when you are looking for a fun card game with friends while camping and hiking.

3. Retro Vintage Santa With Rudol Christmas Holiday Playing Cards

Retro Vintage Santa With Rudol Christmas Holiday Playing Cards
Retro Vintage Santa With Rudol Christmas Holiday Playing Cards | Trendingcult

Many might say that why care so much about the cards’ design. The design might not make much difference but when you think about it it does make a big difference for card games lovers. The Retro Vintage Santa with Rudol Chrismas Holiday comes with a sleek design. Made with the customized compact design you can always find a better way to get around with the card games with easy shuffling and smooth handling. Show off your card tricks or your shuffling skills.

4. Old Whiskey Label Personalized Vintage Liquor Bar

Those who are a big fan of collecting different types of cards can find this Old Whiskey Vintage playing card mesmerizing. This is super easy to show off your shuffling skills. Easy to handle smoothly while engaging with different types of card games. Certain games might require a smoother handling experience for faster dexterity. The Old Whisky vintage playing card will simply enhance your gaming experience.

5. Lake Como Italy Vintage Playing Cards

Lake Como Italy Vintage Playing Cards
Lake Como Italy Vintage Playing Cards | Trendingcult

The Lake Como Italy Vintage Playing Cards are made with a unique design. All 52 cards have a nice photo display and large text. This can be the unique gift that you are looking for as a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or a surprise gift. If you have a friend you are passionate about card tricks then this can be a memorable gift for your friend.


The Zazzle’s collection of vintage playing cards is one of the best playing cards to have. The wide selection of designs makes them perfect for personal use, for gifting, and also for using it for educational purposes. Some of the vintage card designs are extremely suitable to use in the classrooms which can create curiosity among the learners. Check out more varieties of vintage cards on Zazzle. For more information visit Trendingcult.


Are vintage playing cards worth buying?
If you are a big fan of card games they can be your price possessions. The vintage playing cards are also great for personal collections. From a hand pick to personal use, you can also find them as your peculiar choice of collection. 
What are some interesting things to know about vintage playing cards?
There are a few interesting things about the vintage cards. They have 12 months in a year, Each card is a red or black color which symbolizes day and night. Plus all the numbers in the cards add up to 91 when they are multiplied by 4 suits.
What were the numbers placed on the playing for the first time?
The numbers on the cards were said to have been placed around 1860 with each number standardized.

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