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Wedding Invitation card

Wedding Invitation Card: Welcomingly Celebrate Your Special Occasion

There is no special event like a wedding! There are so many things to take care of when it comes to planning a wedding like the venue, decoration, shopping, and more. It’s an endless to-do list! One of the most important parts of the event is inviting your friends and loved ones and how do we do this? By sending a wedding invitation card. 

Wedding cards may seem like just hard copy cards to some, but a wedding invitation card adds deep meaning to the big day. It’s something by which people will remember your big day every time they look at it. It’s not only about mentioning the wedding venue or sending a generous invitation but it’s also a delightful way of welcoming people to your big day with a memorable wedding Invitation card. It’s the first impression that your friends and loved ones get before the big day. 

Wedding invitation card by Zazzle

Zazzle is one of the leading marketplaces in the states where customers can get the best custom products created by top designers. Customers can also shop the customizable products sold by the artist. One of the best-customized products on Zazzle is the wedding invitation card. They offer a wide range of wedding cards that meet the customer’s expectations. 

The top-notch quality wedding cards which are designed by skillful designers will make your big day a memorable event. Some of the highlights of the wedding cars are: 

  • Black & white 
  • Bright and bold 
  • Fall design 
  • Real foil 
  • All-in-one invitation
  • On a budget 

The wider selection of wedding cars also includes the dressing selections such as: 

  • Watercolor 
  • Floral
  • Terracotta
  • Fall
  • Burnt orange 
  • Gothic
  • Halloweedings

Things to keep in mind while designing a wedding invitation card 

You don’t want to go wrong with the wedding card design. As said before, it’s the first impression that people will get before your big day and you want to make sure that you leave a welcoming impression. Here are some useful tips that will guide you in preparing a memorable wedding card:

  1. Style and theme: Look out for the style of the card that matches the theme. This will ensure that you have a wedding card that matches your wedding theme. 
  2. Color selection: Try not to select a random color for your wedding card. For instance, the deep color will make it difficult for people to read the words on the card, while the mixed light colors will make the card look more appealing. 
  3. Size and formats: The most important part of design is the size and format of the card. The format also determines the word formation on the card, the front size, the card design, and everything else. Remember the size also affects the cost of printing.
  4. Images and necessary information: Make sure to include all the necessary information without making the card look congested. Consider including images that match the theme and the color selection of the card. 
  5. Get a first copy:  Before making the final printing, it’s important to get a sample copy of the wedding invitation card. Get reviews from your friends or family before printing large copies of it to see if any necessary changes need to be made. 

Popular types of wedding invitation cards for your big day

1. Minimalist Black all in one wedding invitation 

Minimalist Black all in one wedding invitation 
Minimalist Black all in one wedding invitation | trendingcult

If you are looking for a complete black wedding invitation card with no additional blend of color, then Minimalist black all in one wedding invitation is what you are looking for. This is a classic design and perfect for other forms of invitation as well. The card has a beautiful romantic design and deep dark and white typography. The calligraphy of the card is vintage hand-lettered style. If black is not what you prefer then you can go for a different color designs.

2. Elegant floral vintage ornament frame wedding gold foil invitation 

One such invitation card that makes your big day memorable is the Elegant floral vintage. Simplistic and elegant is what your wedding card should look like. This is suitable for any type of wedding ceremony. The design of the card does not hold any specific representation of any type of wedding ceremony. The paper quality is premium white-hued paper with a fine satin finish. Check out more details about the card on Zazzle.

3. Summer blue ocean beach wedding invitations 

Add a summery feel to your wedding with the Summer blue ocean beach wedding card. The light blue and white colors are the highlight of the card. It is suitable to use for different types of announcements and invitations. In addition, if you prefer different color types and sizes, the Summer blue ocean has two printing options, twelve unique paper types, and six different shape options for creating your own unique wedding card.

4. Budget modern rustic pink wedding invitation 

Make sure not to miss out on his amazing invitation wedding card. This could be the one to make your big day memorable. The budges of rustic pink are classic on a wedding card. This card design has an appealing pink-pressed floral style that features pink peach-red watercolor florals designed delicately to resemble unbridled love. This flat sheet is also durable to design in different paper settings from folded type to the flyer type of wedding card.

5. Palm tree tropical minimalist beach wedding gold foil invitation

Palm tree tropical minimalist beach wedding gold foil invitation
Palm tree tropical minimalist beach wedding gold foil invitation | trendingcult

Why keep your wedding invitation card simple when you have a Palm tree tropical minimalist wedding card? It’s a classic wedding card. Let your friends and loved ones enjoy this beautiful design. Making your big day more auspicious before the arrival of the big event, this is going to be a memorable invitation card for the wedding.

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The Zazzle’s collection of wedding cards is sure to make your big day more exciting and cherishable. Check out more variety of wedding invitation card templates with a wide collection of designs. Choose what suits your style and wedding theme. Let the people you invite enjoy the warm welcome through the unique designs from the top artists and designers on Zazzle. For more information, visit Trendingcult


How do I choose a wedding invitation design?
Based on the theme of your wedding, colour selection, size, and format are some important things to look for in a suitable invitation card for the wedding. 
When should you design a wedding invitation card?
Generally, people should start planning or looking out for wedding invitation cards 9-8 months before the wedding. This will give you ample time to decide what your wedding will look like. This also gives you enough time to make necessary changes if needed. 
How much time will it take to design wedding invitation cards?
Once the design has been decided it should take about two weeks or more to complete the full design of a wedding card after making the necessary changes.

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