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Adobe Robohelp Server

Efficient Content Delivery With Adobe RoboHelp Server

A Help Authoring Tool (HAT) called Adobe RoboHelp Server enables you to construct knowledge bases, e-learning materials, and assistance systems. RoboHelp’s most recent version is packed with features that let you build Responsive HTML5 layouts that function on all device sizes. The reader will be able to produce help files or documentation for various technological communications after completing this tutorial, which will aid in understanding the fundamentals of the program.

Industry experts that want to provide excellent technical material for their end consumers use Adobe RoboHelp. As a result, basic familiarity with HTML and other web technologies is necessary. Programming skills in Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, or JavaScript are prerequisites for some sophisticated capabilities, such as the building of custom dialogue boxes. Newer versions, however, make it simple for anyone to start using them without writing any code. As a result, individuals with any level of experience can follow this course.

A component of the Technical Communication Suite is Adobe RoboHelp (TCS). You can buy a TCS membership to gain access to programs like FrameMaker, Captivate, Acrobat, and Presenter. The reader should purchase a separate license if they are only interested in RoboHelp. This license can be an individual, a perpetual license as part of the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP), a perpetual license as part of the Transactional Licensing Program (TLP), or an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).

Adobe Robohelp Server

Adobe Robohelp Server
Adobe Robohelp Server

A complete solution for developing, distributing, and managing online help systems is provided by the Adobe RoboHelp Server. It has functions like project management, version control, and a strong search engine that makes it simple and quick for users to find information.

Single-source layouts (SSLs) are models for the project’s various output categories. You could, for instance, design an SSL with distinct settings for various outputs, such as eBooks, WebHelp, responsive HTML5, etc. We can define output preferences and enable batch publishing with SSLs.


Here are a few of Adobe RoboHelp Server’s salient attributes: 

  • The ability to store and manage all your help content in one central location with Adobe RoboHelp Server makes it simple to access and update.
  • You can create and publish help content in a variety of formats using RoboHelp Server, including HTML5, PDF, and mobile formats.
  • Customizable templates: The platform comes with customizable templates that allow you to create a branded and consistent look and feel across all your help content.
  • Robohelp Server has robust search capabilities that make it simple for users to locate the information they need quickly.
  • Integration with other applications: The platform easily integrates with other programs like Salesforce and SharePoint.

More Facts about Adobe RoboHelp Server

A server-based help solution is Adobe RoboHelp Server. Your help materials can be uploaded to a server, which can subsequently offer end-user feedback in real-time. It can record information about user-submitted searches. The user’s journey through the support system can be visually displayed by the RoboHelp Server.

You can create the content using an authoring tool, which allows you to create multiple projects, and then upload the entire project to the RoboHelp Server. Automatic project merging is a feature of the RoboHelp Server that enables authors to work on various projects at various times and publish them all to the same server. Projects created by authors in various languages can also be published on the same server. In addition to producing reports and logs, the RoboHelp Server can communicate with database servers like Oracle or MS SQL Server. An Apache HTTP Server is used to transmit the response to the user’s query.

Post content to a RoboHelp server. In the default toolbar, select the Output tab. Double-click an output preset to edit it in the Output Presets panel. To see the servers created across projects, select the Publish tab in the output preset editor. Choose the servers (profiles) that you want to publish content.

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Adobe RoboHelp Server is a powerful and adaptable tool for developing, disseminating and managing online help systems. Its capabilities and features make it the perfect option for businesses that need to manage extensive online help content for their goods or services. 

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What is an Adobe RoboHelp server?
Server-based help solutions such as Adobe RoboHelp Server are available. By uploading your help content on a server, you can provide real-time feedback to end users. Data can be logged about the queries that users ask.
What is the difference between RoboHelp and FrameMaker?

The main purpose of RoboHelp is to produce and publish online help and knowledge base materials for websites, software programs, and other digital products. It is a tool for developing and managing user guides, knowledge bases, and interactive online help systems. To build interactive online help systems, RoboHelp offers features like templates, multimedia support, and conditional content options.

In contrast, FrameMaker is a program used to write and publish lengthy technical documents like manuals, books, and research papers. To produce structured documents with tables, charts, equations, and other technical components, it is a potent word processing and desktop publishing tool. Advanced features offered by FrameMaker include support for complex document structures, indexing, cross-referencing, and document templates.

Is Adobe RoboHelp free?
No, The free trial for Adobe RoboHelp is available. 

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