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Handyman Business Cards

Quality Handyman Business Cards For Efficient Home Repair Services

Handyman business cards are an essential resource for experts in the home maintenance and repair sector. They operate as a transportable representation of your company and offerings, giving prospective customers vital contact details and an idea of your level of experience. Zazzle, an online marketplace that enables designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers, stands out as a top choice when it comes to designing and printing these essential marketing assets because it offers a wide range of customizable templates and excellent printing options.

Zazzle is the ideal option for creating memorable and impactful handyman business card designs because of its dedication to quality and adaptability.

The best handyman business card ideas

1. Handyman carpentry business card

Handyman carpentry business card
Handyman carpentry business card | Trendingcult

The Handyman carpentry business card has a clean, contemporary look with a round saw and crossed hammer symbol in a white and black emblem-style logo. Standard semi-gloss paper guarantees crisp, colorful images with outstanding color and detail, making it an affordable option for all your printing needs. With a 3.5″ x 2.0″ size and a full-color CMYK print method, these two-sided cards encourage environmental responsibility with their 50% recycled content and FSC certification. These handyman business cards also have an eye-catching bright white semi-gloss surface.

2. Rustic tools carpenter handyman woodworker business card magnet

One of the greatest handyman business cards on the market, this Rustic tools carpenter handyman woodworker business card magnet will enhance your professional image. Its distinctive image of rustic tools effectively communicates your area of expertise, making it a great way to highlight your abilities as a carpenter, handyman, or woodworker. Its magnetic backing makes it easy to attach to metal surfaces, giving customers easy access to and storage of your contact details.

Furthermore, you can easily customize Zazzle’s design tool to meet your unique branding requirements. Standard business card size (2″ x 3.5″), 14-point card thickness, and vivid full-color printing on these cards produce a polished, glossy finish that makes an impression.

3. Custom black + gold home building construction lux business card

Custom black + gold home building construction lux business card
Custom black + gold home building construction lux business card | Trendingcult

Among the top designs of handyman business cards, the Custom black + gold home building construction lux business card stands out due to its distinctive and contemporary luxury paper that is sure to draw attention. These cards are ideal for both private and business contractors in a variety of industries since they radiate sophistication and a high-end, manly look.

A gold faux foil minimal form silhouette graphic and a sleek combination of white, platinum, and golden text colors are featured on the front, while two lines of text and a simulated 14k classic gold faux foil printed graphic silhouette logo are included on the rear. These 3.5″ x 2.0″ double-sided cards have a jet black stock that is exceptionally rich and velvety, and they are produced in full color using the CMYK process on premium black paper. They leave a strong, memorable impression on observers with their striking statement. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making it the pinnacle of the premium business card.

4. Handyman tools texture business card

Rated as one of the top handyman business cards available, the Handyman tools texture business card has a unique design. With a textured background that conveys a tough yet polished vibe, this eye-catching card has faint outlines of popular handyman tools like a wire cutter, screwdriver, and spanner wrench in the corner. This double-sided, 3.5″ x 2.0″ document has enough room for important information because it is printed in full color using the CMYK method.

With its thicker, stiffer material and protective finish, this card is ideal for handyman businesses that want to make a lasting impression. It is printed on UV matte paper and has color and detail throughout.

5. Wood grain steel circular saw handyman carpenter business card

Wood Grain Steel Circular Saw Handyman Carpenter Business Card
Wood Grain Steel Circular Saw Handyman Carpenter Business Card | Trendingcult

The sophisticated typeface and brushed steel embellishments of this business card give it a touch of rustic charm mixed with professional elegance. These 3.5″ x 2.0″ double-sided cards are printed in full color using the CMYK method. They have a sturdy 16-point paper stock and a bright white, semi-gloss finish. They also have 50% recycled content, which is in line with environmental responsibilities.

This adaptable and reasonably priced card guarantees clear, vivid photos with outstanding color and detail, which makes it the perfect option for handyman professionals looking to leave a lasting impression. Among the best ideas for handyman business cards is this Wood grain steel circular saw handyman carpenter business card.

The most important things to keep in mind when making handyman business cards

  1. a) Clear and straightforward contact information: The handyman business cards should include your name, phone number, email address, and any other relevant contact information visibly. This content needs to be easy to read and properly organized.
  2. b) Using a logo and branding to maintain consistency: Make sure the design of your business card complements your brand. Add your firm’s logo, stick to your brand’s color scheme and typeface selections, and keep everything looking polished and well-coordinated to project the picture of your organization.
  3. c) Indicate your services in clear terms: Indicate what kind of services you offer as a handyman, including carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, and any other areas of expertise. A concise list of services makes it easier for potential customers to comprehend what you have to offer.
  4. d) Select superior paper and suitable finishing: Make a great paper stock investment that complements your company image. A heavier cardboard weight can give the impression that the card is more substantial, and the option between glossy and matte finishes will affect the card’s longevity and appearance.
  5. e) Include appropriate visuals or design components: Make use of visuals or design elements on the handyman business cards that communicate your trade as a handyman. This can be images of tools, a silhouette of a handyman, construction-related graphics, or anything else that visually represents your area of expertise and makes your card stand out.


Handyman business cards are crucial resources for advertising your offerings and leaving a lasting impression on prospective customers. Your business cards’ well-considered layout and high caliber are essential for establishing credibility and projecting professionalism. Zazzle, an American online marketplace that lets designers and customers create their own products with independent manufacturers, offers a wide range of customizable options and excellent printing services to help handyman professionals make a lasting impression when it comes to creating these essential marketing assets. For more information on handyman business card designs, visit Trendingcult.


What type of business is best for a handyman?
Independent handyman services or single proprietorships are the best business models for handymen. From general house repairs to specialized professions like plumbing or electrical work, this framework offers flexibility in providing a wide range of services.
What is the proper etiquette for business cards?
Business card exchanges should take place at the start or finish of a networking event or business meeting. Try to read the business card that you receive, express your appreciation to the sender, and thank them. Show that you respect the information on your business card by handling it carefully and keeping it in a cardholder rather than just throwing it away. A business card, after all, symbolizes the company.
What is the utility of a business card?
Networking becomes more effective when contact information is shared in a professional atmosphere using a business card, which is a physical and practical tool. It provides you with a quick reference to the person’s name, title, business, and contact details, making follow-up easier. A well-designed business card can also enhance brand awareness, portray a professional image, and make an impact as a marketing tool for the individual and their firm.

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