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Top 5 Nutrition Apps That Put Food In Perspective

Nutrition is not an easy topic to break down and make user-friendly. That’s why the app market is filled with nutrition apps that don’t quite get it right. Most are either too scientific for the average user or else so dumbed-down as to be almost useless. But there are a few gems out there that really help put food in perspective. These apps give you information on nutrition in an accessible and engaging way. We all know we should be eating more fruits and veggies, but it can be hard to get them into our diets every day. It’s easy to fall into bad habits or think that because something has a healthy label, it must be good for you (we see you, kale chips). And if you have special dietary needs like being gluten-free or vegan, it can feel like there aren’t many options out there. These top 5 nutrition apps help you eat better without sacrificing taste or variety:

1. Dine

Dine is perfect for the person who struggles with portion control—it’s basically a portion control app. You can incorporate Dine’s meal planning feature into your existing meal-prepping routine, or use it as a standalone app to help you stick to a balanced diet. You can search for meals by meal type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.), ingredient type, or dietary need (vegan, gluten-free, etc.). The app uses your selected meal’s ingredients to calculate the right portion sizes for each food item and suggests a serving size so you can make sure you’re not over-or-under portioning. The app also lets you track your food intake so you can keep an eye on your daily nutrition goals.

2. Nutriv app

This nutrition app is like a personal trainer for your diet. It helps you change your eating habits to meet your health and fitness goals. The Android version of this app is currently in beta testing, so you can try out the iOS version first. Start by taking a quiz to get a baseline of your current diet and fitness levels. Then, Nutriv helps you set goals and find healthy recipes that fit your dietary needs. You can choose from a menu of pre-loaded goals (e.g. gain muscle, lose fat, etc.) or create your own diet plan. The app also has an extensive database of foods—and the nutrients they contain—so you can find healthy recipes tailored to your dietary needs.

3. Superfoods app

The superfoods app breaks down vegetables and fruits that are high in specific nutrients, like antioxidants or fiber. The app also has information on herbs and spices, nuts, and legumes that are high in specific nutrients. This app is a great tool for people who like to eat a plant-based diet. Whether you’re vegan or just trying to eat more veggies, the superfoods app can help you pick out the best items at the grocery store based on their nutritional value. The app also suggests healthy ways to cook each superfood.

4. Plate app

The plate app is like an interactive training manual for your diet. It provides visual guides for selecting foods that fit your dietary needs, as well as recipes, tips, and quizzes to help you optimize your diet. The app is meant to be used alongside a healthy diet, so you can use it to help make sure you’re eating a balanced diet. The app breaks your daily nutritional goals down into three different plates: one plate for fruits/veggies, one plate for grains, and one plate for proteins. You can also use the app to track your food intake.

5. Go diet! app

The go diet! the app is like a nutritional cheerleader. Based on your goals, the app gives you positive affirmations, tips on healthy eating, and ideas for creative ways to fit in more fruits and veggies. While this app is great for beginners, it also has advanced features that can be helpful for experienced dieters. For example, the app has a shopping list feature that lets you add items to a virtual shopping cart as you browse your grocery store. You can also set reminders to help you stay on track.

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If you want to eat healthier and feel better, it all starts with your diet. And to eat better, you need to know what’s in your food—and what you should be eating. Nutrition apps can help you get the info you need to make better food choices. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, eat more veggies, or just improve your overall well-being, there’s an app for that. These top 5 nutrition apps help you reach your goals by providing personalized feedback, easy-to-understand information, and healthy recipes.

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